5 Suggestions: What Should Nintendo Do with the Wii U and Beyond?

GameDynamo - "The last few years have been interesting for Nintendo. The Wii has been a way bigger success than anyone thought it would be, but it has fallen on hard times in the last little while. After dominating the handheld market with the DS, Nintendo saw the 3DS struggle to gain its footing in an increasingly competitive portable space.

The main issue, as usual with Nintendo, seems to be a lack of interest from third-party publishers to bring their AAA content to Nintendo consoles. Nintendo claims that is a thing of the past. However, their own content could use a refresh as well. With the Wii U set to launch worldwide in 2012, here are five suggestions for Nintendo to reinvigorate the Mushroom Kingdom."

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ABizzel12479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

1. New franchises.

2. Reboot old franchises that haven't seen games in generations (more diversity).

3. Better 3rd party support.

4. Better networking, and Wii Ware support.

5. Nintendo RPG or Pokemon MMO.

Make a super smash bros. style RPG with all of Nintendo's characters (this is what I thought Sony should do with their franchises instead of the Super Smash bros. me too). Take people lives away with a Pokemon MMO (PS3 is starting to get some, so the Wii U should be capable of running one).

mike1up2479d ago

I like the way you think. Well said.

Jake_the_Dog2479d ago

Make a console with a regular controller and not an abomination.

Shok2479d ago

If they did that then there wouldn't be any innovation in how we play our games. Nintendo recognizes that which is why they're giving us new fresh experiences.

ChickeyCantor2479d ago

Why did you even reply to the guy ?


hotrider122479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Nintendo has boo-coo load of SNES portfolio they could bring to the wii an wii-U the question is why hav'nt they??