The Girl Gamer Issue

Drew Bergmark of WouldYouKindly writes: After at least thousands of year of existence, we are still discussing the morality between which gender is more dominate over the other when we shouldn’t even be discussing this arbitrary social class. Unfortunately, equal pay between women and men still isn’t fair and men still objectify the image of women that is scores and scores old. To continue for more, click the link below.

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thetest2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Male gamers probaby outnumber females by a factor of 100000 to 1. In my entire life I've never ever personally seen or even heard of a girl who plays video games. I've never even personally seen a woman play cell phone games.

That alone means there is a difference.

frostypants2480d ago

If you play online, you've played with girls. You may not know it, but you have.

Solid_Snake372480d ago

Exactly! Every 2 hours you play an online game, you probably met about 100+ of girls (made it up). They just dont use the mic so they can avoid assholes asking if they want to have sex with them

thetest2480d ago

Not in my country. Girls don't buy powerful GPUs.

Sitris2480d ago

That's funny because I guarantee you that my girlfriend is a bigger gamer than you. She is the most hardcore gamer I know and I'm a huge hardcore gamer.She has played and platinumed over 70 games this year, (not mentioning games she didnt platinum, our doesn't have platinum trophies) and thats just for ps3, she has a extremely hardcore pc, a well as handheld and other gaming mediums. She has a vita payed off for preorder as well as multiple games. To say a stupid comment like you've never even heard of a hardcore game girl is just silly. You would have played against heaps of hardcore gaming girls online.

MRMagoo1232480d ago

I dont even believe you have a GF

ChickeyCantor2480d ago

And you don't see people die because of poverty. So there is no poverty. Or people dying of starvation.

I like the way you think.


thetest2480d ago

I see people starving on the road right outside my house everyday and living in huts down the road.

ChickeyCantor2480d ago


I was speaking in general.
Your logic is 1 on 1 with what I just said.

It might not apply to you, but it applies to others.

You might not know any gamer girls, but I know a handful.

lilbrat232479d ago

@ KurianofBorg

Then you sir need to get out of your cave more often. Because I have heard and played against many girls online especially on MW3. I am also a female gamer so :-p

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Zha1tan2480d ago

Man alot of these gamer girls seem to use it as an avenue for attention, why the phrase gamer girl?

That suggests it isnt attention grabbing enough so we have got gamer GIRL like its trying to play on a guys hormones to get attention.

I thought GAMER encompassed everyone and not just blokes, I might start calling myself gamer MALE since it seems appropriatte to announce your sex with your gamer persona.

BUT bottom line there is girls out there who game because they enjoy it but you can spot the attention seekers a mile off with names like "gamerchick720" "gamergirl89" its just sad man.

WHy cant everyone just stop thinking with their mushroom tips and game along and enjoy it without worrying about if that person on the other end who killed you has tits or not.

GirlyGamer2480d ago

I guess it's cause society would automatically assume that we're guys. And that's a reasonable assumption, considering i'm the only girl i know who plays video games, that's not on a wii. In cases like these , i don't mind there being a distinction.

PS. I have NO idea why i chose this as username. It was just the first thing in my mind i guess.

MRMagoo1232480d ago

why does it bother you either way if they think your a guy or girl, thats like putting gaygamer because you dont want ppl to assume your straight if you know what i mean, the point Zha was making is who the f cares if your male, female, gay, straight or even a super intelligent squid. The only thing we can get from the ppl with names to suggest there girls is they like the attention they get from the tards out there that as soon as they notice that ur female they try to hump you online.

Mottsy2479d ago

girls who like attention yet alone humans who like Attention?!!? 0.o When did this happen? Damn and here i thought everyone liked to be ignored =/

ElliePage2480d ago

I'm tired of girls insulting me and talking about how they want me inside of them. I'm just a gamer guy trying to play a game.

Shikoro2480d ago

Bahahaha. Funny stuff, dude. XD

soundslike2480d ago

this dude met one girl so now he thinks he knows whats what

hes just as dumb as the people hes criticizing

DBergmark2480d ago

LOL Just one example dude. Actually most of my gamer friends are girls now that I think about it.

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