Battlefield 3 Patch in February, DICE Looking Into Squad Stability and Other Bugs

MP1st - "We finally have word of another Battlefield 3 patch on the way. While there are no official details available yet, we do have word of DICE looking into a number of bugs and issues."

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Criminal2484d ago

I hope they have another patch planned for this month at least to address the VOIP and input lag problems.

Persistantthug2484d ago

[He also added that “a lot of other issues are being worked on. Multiplayer is still being developed.”]

Instead of releasing a half complete game and taking my christmas money, maybe they should have pushed this game back another 6 months.

Total horsesh17.

Cosmit2484d ago

"Instead of releasing a half complete game and taking my christmas money, maybe they should have pushed this game back another 6 months."

Nah. There were trying to release this game before MW3. Its pretty obvious.

da_2pacalypse2483d ago

lol maybe both publishers should stop rushing their developers. I mean, BF3 had a few issues, but that's only because they were trying to get a game (running on a new engine) to be released before a half-ass completed game which gets released every year (cod)

BabyTownFrolics2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

maybe you should read what gamers are saying about a game before you buy it and take responsibility for the way you spend your money.

also my fav mp game of this gen, MAG, was an imperfect work in progress from day one, but i still loved it and had tons of fun

bf3 is a great game with issues that DICE is working on, I guess people just need something to moan about

JetLifer2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

@Comit - Its so obvious that what he said IMPLIED that already... It didn't need to be said.

@Babytownfrolics - Games should be released when they are ready, MILLIONS of people buy a game on launch day expecting a game that actually WORKS, and they are not wrong in having said expectations. Just because devolopers got LAZY and reliant on post release patches does not make it OKAY. Reading reviews doesn't really help either when they are giving 9's to games before they release without even knowing if they function properly or not. Stop kissing the ass of the developers. It is the consumers RIGHT to voice their opinion, otherwise this BS will NEVER change.

@2pacalype - There is nothing "complete" about call of duty. For a game that's remained relatively the same since 2007 it sure does have its problems as well. Party issues plague the first month or so, VOIP is still just as bad as BF3's, Balance doesn't exist, the maps/perks/killstreaks just promote camping and the Host lag is STILL there...

In BF3 defense the game is running on new framework... Call of duty has no excuses...

But in COD's defense i play COD wayyy more than i do BF3. Why? Because BF3 is supposed to be a TEAM BASED GAME. For a game that its developers and fans tout as "team based" "team this, team that" the most important thing would probably being able to ENTER AND PLAY THE GAME AS A DAMN TEAM. Guess what? they have not really made that possible for us so most of my friends sold their copies of BF3 and moved back to COD. Now we RUN that shit, because the spawn system is so flawed we can stay on one side of the map controlling the cliche 3 choke points on every map and make sure you are NEVER behind us. I WISH bf3 actually worked but sadly i play with large groups of friends and that's just not possible with BF3. /endrant

frostypants2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Both publishers should have hit the breaks (Activision and EA), BUT I'm sorry, BF3 even in this state is light years better than MW3. BF3 just has some glitch issues. MW3 has fundamental and irreparable design flaws. Those godawful maps aren't going anywhere...

kaveti66162483d ago

2 things:

1. The BF games are always going to be in some sense incomplete because DICE is known for updating their games for years after release. BF2 was this way.

2. Instead of complaining that DICE should have waited another 6 months instead "taking" your christmas money, perhaps you should have waited 6 months before giving it to them.

Be a smart consumer next time.

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BattleAxe2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

News Flash! DICE looking into moving Battlefield 3 from BETA to "Final Version" of game in the next patch.

just_looken2484d ago

ha no sh1t how many patch's so far 6/8? ive lost count.

Kleptic2483d ago

uh..2 for consoles...3 for of which was ready before the game lost count that fast?

hamburger1232483d ago

Yeeah hte input lag is realy annoying, i almost bought MW3 because of that shit

Tonester9252483d ago

Im waiting for a KillCam like Crysis 2. The Best Killcam to date.

TekoIie2483d ago

Load of rubbish, Kcam was barely long enough to see how the guy killed you....

Tonester9252483d ago

@Pekolie Exactly my point. Because a lot of people complain about how killcam will take away from skill, well if you still don't know where the bullet is coming from it won't expose anyone.

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nikrel2484d ago

Yeah, I hate the VOIP issues, I know it's caused alot of people to not play the game anymore. I think it will be a struggle for me to come back myself.

I love BF3, but without friends to play with, or in this case not able to play with it looses its luster.

Kleptic2483d ago

yep, definitely taking its toll...pretty much the ONLY thing to get right with a team based game like communication with other players...

I regularly run with one other my VOIP system works perfectly (cell phone)...but i have a friends list full of dudes i'm dying to raise hell with...and its pointless if chat remains pants...

wicko2484d ago

They really need to fix squads - If I take the time to start a squad with 3 of my friends, it's not because we're hoping we'll get split into 4 different squads and on opposite teams.

Mister_V2484d ago

Yeah. Might have something to do with the auto-balancing overriding the ability to stay as a squad. Who knows, but I'd love to see this fixed/worked on.

JaredH2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

The best part is that if you join a friends game in progress you're more likely to be on the same team and squad then by joining a match as a squad already.

ThanatosDMC2484d ago

I dont understand why we cant spawn on the same side when we group. It's really annoying.

yezz2484d ago

why all the disagrees?! ps3 voip is broken and i have huge amount of friends who doesnt play the game anymore because you cant communicate.. the game is amazing but if you cant communicate it gets boring... why does the ps3 have mic issues in so many games?

Soldierone2484d ago

I play on PS3, and yes it does have issues, but its not game breaking. It works just not well.

What are people missing? Trash talking like un educated children because they "raped" someone? Could care less if I hear that, and not hearing it makes me love Battlefield even more.

Cosmit2484d ago

Speak for yourself. Apparently you don't play with a squad.

Soldierone2483d ago

Actually I do, I am never not in a squad. But whatever floats your boats

Kleptic2483d ago

its been confirmed hundreds of is only broken on ps3 if more than 2 people in a squad are using it...4 people can be in a squad, but only 2 people can use mics...more than that, and its 'he g the oth tank wi tha fuc'

scrambles2484d ago

PS3 doesnt have built in voice chat like xbox does. so the developers have to program it into the game.

yezz2483d ago

yea I know that but the voice chat in BC2 was much better than the BF3 one so... in BF3 i can hear only like every other word my friend is saying and if the squad has 3 or more players it gets ridiculous.

Kleptic2483d ago

no party chat has nothing to do with it...DICE still has to build VOIP networks for the 360 version too on their own dedicated servers, its just MS has tools for developers that are light years ahead of the PSN...

XBL's party chat is the only thing VOIP wise that MS handles on their own...if you are not using party chat, its not MS running it unless its an MS published game...Its simply the 360's OS is much better at handling chat systems than that of the PS3 and PSN...

if you check battlelog, there are lots of complaints about the 360's squad chat too...its just the easy fix is to use the XBL party chat feature instead, which seems to be what most players do you can then keep conversations going even if a person leaves the game temporarily or whatever...