Four issues with Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the new MMO on the block and that means it has a few extremely annoying issues.

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pangitkqb2533d ago

Glad to see these four issues are the type that can, usually, be readily dealt with.

I haven't played yet. Is it as good as I hear?

Tenkay232533d ago

Coming from a guy that hated WoW and most MMO's, I am enjoying it a lot. Very streamlined, presentable, crisp graphics, smooth gameplay, and all other elements you would expect of a good MMO. You can play most of the game solo or with a party so it's good.

JsonHenry2533d ago

Also coming from someone who could not force himself to play WoW more than a couple weeks I have been playing The Old Republic non stop. I seriously can't get enough of this game. If I were to ever recommend any MMO (I've tried all the big ones and never liked any of them) the only one I would suggest is this game. Its simply amazing and not just because it has lightsabers.

pat_11_52533d ago

If these are the only problems with the game it seems like it's had a pretty solid launch. Every other MMO I've ever heard of is always full of bugs when it first comes out.

xhedleyx2533d ago

Star Bores. Not Star wars.

Tenkay232533d ago

They don't bother me. Hell the cutscenes are what make fetch quests bearable for me. I hate mmo's but I love this game because it has good replaying elements like story, combat, exploration, etc.

JsonHenry2533d ago

Because of the story they give you for each quest no matter how minor you don't really feel like you are doing fetch quests. And the drop rates are damn near 100% so you are not spending all day farming one area to complete one quest.

Tenkay232533d ago

Exactly. Also I meant to say "roleplaying" not "replaying" lol.

BioWare knows how to blend story and gameplay. My fetch quests don't feel like fetch quests. I want to collect six teeth so save the twi'lek child, etc.

mistajeff2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

I agree. If they sequestered the cutscenes to only the main story quests, I wouldn't even bother with the side/fetch quests. It's that Bioware touch that actually makes me give a shit about what I'm doing in a game like this. I'm like you, though, I hate MMOs. I've tried to get into a couple free-to-play ones, but every time I see that text bubble pop up to assign me a quest, I can't help feeling like I just don't care. I'm curious to see what kind of impact your choices have in the long run. For all the long hours I've put into this game so far, I'm still only on "Chapter 1". Awesome.

pat_11_52533d ago

I think a MMO with cut scenes is a good idea. Part of the reason I never got into WoW was because it didn't really seem to have a story to me.

SeraphimBlade2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

I'm one of the people who like the cutscenes. Everything else, I agree with. Finding groups has been a bitch and its annoying spending 20 minutes getting a group of 4 together only to realize you're all Damage roles. There IS an LFG system in the social window, but not many people use it. This is one area where stealing from WoW probably isn't something to be ashamed of

Other than that, holy crap do I love this game.

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