Kojima 'not sure' if Japan can compete in current industry

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima says he is unsure of how well Japan can compete with the rest of the globe in today’s highly pressured games industry.

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NYC_Gamer4046d ago

i believe the japanese devs have not advanced well with the new age of hardware

TheTwelve4046d ago

Japanese devs are too busy trying to make the cheapest games that yield the most money, hence lots of focus on PS2, Wii, DS and portable things and not investing in the high end systems.

So, they are killing themselves --- with a few exceptions.


sikbeta4046d ago

They took the easy route, the transition from PS2 to portables, lets see if their choice was correct...

darthv724046d ago

that their traditional style has remained constant where as western culture and style has changed on a regular basis.

Same could be said about their gaming preferences. You cant always assume that what works for one works for another or all. The catch 22 here is that if they were to break that traditional style (for JRPG for example) then you would have this backlash of people saying they should not change.

Change is about innovating and progression but it seems with the JP gaming culture everyone wants them to stay the way they are because that is what they are familiar with. They cant, they have to progress but will the conscious gaming public let them really expand beyond the old ways and embrace something new?

I have played some pretty interesting games this gen that have chosen to be different from traditional Japanese style and have been quite good. Maybe people are too attached to the "feel" of the old ways to give anything new a fair shake.

IMO its appeal and perception.

NukaCola4046d ago

If anything JP needs to stay Japanese and quit dipping in on western styles. It's really ruining their deal. Even Square Enix has shown the failures like being the publisher of COD in JP and failing to deliver one good console JRPG in the last 6 years.

This is why I love Miyamoto. He said Nintendo of America can eat his butt. He stopped all the BS and walked away from the pressue of this Hollywood, the game industry has become and went back to the forest to dream up creativity again. Games really blossomed in Japan and I think we as gamers sometimes get to wrapped up in our God of Wars and Halos to appreciate the creativity that comes for our easter brethren. Outside of a few studios and indi devs, we don't see much creativity like we did 10 years ago. I think we should grab onto those who dare to dream big and not worry about what the nest hot title is. Japan still has a ton to offer. I hope we don't as a gaming society isolate them, or any one for that matter....oh well may

TheStorm4046d ago

I agree, the problem is nothing about changing. The Japanese game developers are changing, but in the wrong direction. They keep trying to mimic and copy western style games because they think that will make them more money. We have enough western style games, that is what attracted me to so many JRPG's back in the day, like FFIV-FFX were amazing. But then XI, XII, XIII, XIV all have tried to be like other western games, dumbing things down, making it way too easy. Square is a perfect example of this. I remember when the president compared FFXIII to COD. I was thinking what the hell? These games should have NOTHING in common, but they keep thinking that will make them money. And now the sales of FFXII-2 has sure shown them that they are losing their core audience in Asia.

These companies need to stop trying to be like the western developers, and continue to do things they way they do. And I really hope Square does, because they almost have an ego of ignorance, and just keep making the same watered down stuff, and then the president gets angry and says buy more of our games. Well make better games and we will.

I just think stop focusing on what we make, and make something unique like you use to. I don't want to play every game as the west creates them.

Sarcasm4045d ago

I think it's quite obvious that the industry has changed while Japan has a hard time changing with it.

That and it doesn't help that douches like Yoichi Wada is out only to make money and not invest in quality gameplay.

miyamoto4045d ago

Now its just more of the same just with more polygons and bigger budgets.
Back then its about who has the best new game ideas of game play and new genres .... except for that
Play-Create-Share & Cinematic Action Adventure genres & that Gravity Daze game play.

Spydiggity4045d ago

oh please, who has more money than nintendo? they just don't have the talent to compete anymore. and the creativity they once had to compensate for crappier engines has fizzled out. we see much more creativity from the independents that charge 2-15 bucks a game.

AngryTypingGuy4045d ago

Culturally, Japan is stuck in the past. The only place in the world that a mullet is still fashionable is Japan among young males, for example.

As far as games go, the Japanese simply have different tastes than the western world and it shows in their games. The Japanese companies must learn to adapt or else be stuck in mediocrity.

damnyouretall4045d ago

yeah. the last guardian looks freakin cool though.

AngryTypingGuy4045d ago

The Last Guardian looks amazing. There are always exceptions. Hideo Kojima and his TRUE Metal Gear games are an exception, not to sure about the upcoming one with Raiden. But looking at the sheer amount of crap out there from Japanese developers, I'd say yeah, they better adapt if they want to be successful in the west.

miyamoto4045d ago

And Nintendo falls into that few exceptions which is business wise, not a bad thing.

I feel the western public is conditioned to believe that multi-million dollar production AAA western games like CoD are the only good games worth paying and playing while the games from Japan should not e tried.

Compared to multi-million dollar production AAA western games like CoD, these cheaply produced Wii, DS, PSP games have every right to sell multi-million copies.

This is why Nintendo has plyed their game smartly with the Wii and DS. But even that territory is not safe anymore since Microsoft is moving in that way too with Kinect.

Poor Japan.

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Crazyglues4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Yeah there in trouble... they really need to step their game up..


Rainstorm814046d ago

The industry as a whole needs to stop chasing the shallow multimillion dollar games like COD and bring something different to gaming.

Thats part of the problem, there are great games out in this gen but its clear games have been dumbed down this gen. Most games hold your hand all the way til the end credits

Solid_Snake374046d ago

You nailed it right there sir! however, I think the the publishers are to blame too. Look at Capcom, their main objective this gen is to ruin as many memorable Japanese franchises as possible ( SF, RE, DMC, etc.).

Soldierone4046d ago

Not going to lie, I miss when games were a bit complicated. Yet every time one comes around we read reviews "it was too complicated." Not only has the games been dumbed down, but the audience as well.

A very large group of FPS players expect to be playing COD whenever they see a shooter. Any game (killzone 2 for example) that adds weight or complications is tossed aside because its "too hard."

BitbyDeath4046d ago

Bubbles for you. It was certaintly a breath of fresh air when Heavy Rain arrived.

Heavy Rain is one of the few games i would consider to be a "nextgen" experience.

jag_stilvecchio4045d ago


Very well said, bubbles.

Hueynewton20124045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

No that's not the main issue. The issue is they take 4 to 5 years or longer to create top tier games. Waiting for a MGS was grueling and cruel, delay, delay, delay delay. The perfectionism is killing them, another example is GT5 which i love and last guardian!!!!!

Just fucking finish the damn game already geez. American and euro devs keep rehashing the same shit every 1 to 2 year ie Halo, gears, assassin's creed, COD ect. That is another reason they are getting smashed by western devs.

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Bundi4046d ago

It can't. Hardcore last gen fanboys will tell you about the glory days of the ps2 and jprg's and the best generation in gami....ZzzzZZZZzzz. The past called, wants to know why you won't let it go! These are are the good old days, right here and now. Stop living in the past.

HarryMasonHerpderp4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Every true gamer knows that last gen was far better than this gen.Not saying this gen is bad bu....
ah screw it this gen sucks online passes,hacks,DLC i prefer the old days! =D

Ghoul4046d ago

it was so much better in the old days.....

the tricky part is you allways remeber mostly positive aspect of the past.
not everything was golden my friend and this gen has been one hell of a ride entertainment wise.

i love this gen.

Online Connectivity, DLC, Art Minigames, Online distribution for small De
devs, System Updates, etc.

HORRAY i say

Bundi4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Lol. Every true gamer. . .I guess I'm synthetic because I don't live in the past. I'll take the best current gen games over the best of last gen any day. Move on people. PS2 days are over and thank goodness.
Lol @creative integrity. . .what does that even mean??
Last gen was built on honour and discipline and love for gaming and sacrifice and sweat. . .WTH!! Are we talking about games or samurais?? Why do people try and romantisize the past?? I can assure you, the business model has always been money first, but with the increased popularity of gaming news sites it has just become more apparent now.
Lol, creative integrity

ABizzel14046d ago

There have been some of the best games to come out of this gen, but there has been very little variety compared to all the previous generations and IMO that's due to high development cost and lack of understanding among developers.

Japan has gone MIA this gen, and it's insane. Last gen there were a flood of action, adventure, JRPG's, all a bunch of niche games coming out of Japan, and now we're lucky to get 1 or 2 games a year that gets any kind of buzz. They release some games on PSN and XBLA, but they get no attention whatsoever, someone needs to create a site with a focus on PSN, XBLA, and Wii Ware, because there are some great games on there, but no one bothers to play them, because they're so focused on the next AAA release.

That $60 entry fee is also hurting developers, because not many people can afford buying more than 1 game per month, and if your game isn't the one bought that month then it's going to be lost forever. That's why I believe new fresh and innovative games need to come out in the summer right after E3. It gives your game the E3 buzz, and it gives your game an open window to be bought before the masses of games begin to roll out in September. And developers don't have to sell their game at $60, sale it for $40 to entice gamers. I remember last gen you could buy games brand new for $33 from a target sale usually the week it was released of the week after, and no one's doing that any more.

Establish a fan base. If you know you have a good game on your hands, then you need to do what you can to get people to buy your game, and keep them. Give them a freaking coupon to use, or sale some copies of the game on your website for a lower price than retail. If you build a fan base your games are going to do well.

There are a lot of things developer could do, but it's like they're clueless.

theonlylolking4046d ago

This gen IS better than last gen. Sure many things have been bad in this gen but everything else is more than anyone could have dreamed last gen. BF3, uncharted, gears of war, etc... would blow everyone's mind if they showed gameplay of those games at that time. No one would believe they were real games. The only thing we are missing this gen are the Jrpgs.

Tito084046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

@ Bundi- I see you don't know anything about previous gens, all the way from NES to PS2 has being the golden years, why??? because a lot of good games from every genre, on consoles, handhelds, PCs & Arcades.... What the hell do you know about gaming when I've seen a lot of great games for every console, specially PS2, covering every genre... The PS2 gen is regarded as the best, not only of Japanese devs, but also there were good western games like Burnout, Black, WWE games, Splinter Cell, SW: Battlefront & Old Republic... Devs knew what they were doing back then, but I don't blame them for their lack of skills, it's the fucking publishers especially Activision which milked the shit out of their IPs....

Japanese Publishers wants to make numbers like that of those POS Call of Duty games..... This gen has seen garbage after garbage... Of course, there's great games, but it doesn't compare to last gen, whether you like it or not!!!! You think this gen is better because there's Online Multiplayer, DLC, yearly releases, too many first Person Shooters & 30fps, you're totally wrong!!!!

darthv724046d ago

you have to be careful how this statement is used. Technically we are all "true" gamers because of the association of playing games. What defines one over the other can be questionable.

Same with the use of the term "core". Is the game core or the person playing the game? I grew up when the term was "hardcore" and referred to the gamer not the game. Someone who was considered hardcore played games all the time on all the systems and it didnt matter if the game was easy or hard.

They played because it was an obsession and that my friends was pretty hardcore back then. Now its like its being used as a punchline. Sad really as "true" gamers play the games and dont give a crap what others think. If you care more about your platform or what others play and poke fun at them for not being like you (generally speaking) then it doesnt make you a true gamer or even 'core' for that matter.

It makes you a fanboy.

kaveti66164046d ago

"Every true gamer knows..."

Logical fallacy.

orange-skittle4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

@Tito-That's your OWN opinion. I have had every console from Atari 2600 to PS3 and that includes Vectrex, Odyssey, Commodore 64, and the Jaguar. I have seen the evolution of consoles first hand. You are relating to the PS2 era because that's what you grew up with. I have seen bleeps and blips became full animation and I can easily say that the Genesis revolutionized gaming. I remember when Strider touted 32MEGS and that was a big deal. That was before games became 64MEGS(i.e Nintendo 64). PS2 didnt do anything PS1 didn't already do. Sega made the first 3D fighting game, so seeing Battle Arena Toshinden wasn't a breakthrough. This gen is by far the most interesting. We are now breaking barriers where games are becoming motion pictures and include celebrity casting. In the past the box art out-shined the actual game and now the box art looks almost like the game you're playing. If graphics didn't get any better than what we have now, would you really be disappointed? I wouldn't be.

Tito084045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

@ orange-skittle- Actually, I grew up in the Genesis-NES-SNES era, I have always being a Sega fan from the beginning, I was totally into both Sega & Sony(Nintendo to a little extent, when it came to Nintendo, I was more into 3rd party games), I have my Genesis,Saturn, DC, & PS2 with lots of great games I would never sell... BTW, you can't say PS2 didn't do anything the PS1 didn't already did, when it was the first console to fully play DVD movies, it was that game console that made DVDs the media of choice, you could use PS1 accessories & games on the PS2, plus use both DVD & PS2 propietary blue disc for the games.... By saying the PS2 gen was by far the best, its a fact not an opinion, lots of great games from every genre, the beginning of the Xbox with Halo & other great games, lots of compilations of classic games, the gen that popularized GTA, the best Tekken game(Tekken 5), great wrestling games, the gen that showed that online gaming on console was possible, great single player games, most games being 60 frames per second, my beloved Dreamcast even if it vanished, saw a lot of great games that are better than mostly all the games of this gen....

When you're talking about cerebrity casting, there's the Jet Li's Rise to Honor, Onimusha who featured one of the most popular Actors in Asia, which also featured Jean Reno for Part 3, The Matrix games, David Hayter as part of the Metal Gear series, that was all last gen....

Everything that you see so far this gen is basicly graphics, publicity stunts, this is the gen of publishers, not developers, publishers know most gamers are so loyal they would buy anything that has the name of their favorite game so it could drive sales, could be a trashy game but it'll sell regardless.... Devs wants you to unlock stuff, but publishers wants to sell that same stuff as DLC... Yearly Call of Duty, Assasin's Creed, even sequels to games nobody ever heard of before, a lot of bugs, dumb glitches, & the easy to fool money driving casual market.. This gen is in no way any more interesting nor better than last gen, at all!!!!

damnyouretall4045d ago

i had more time to play games last gen, im gettin old now though. ive found gems every generation ive gamed and wouldnt trade them for shit. but i look forward to the future more so than the past :)

Hyperbomb694045d ago



This gen will never compare to the amazingness that was last gen, PS2 had great games so did Xbox and Gamecube! you actually had a reason to buy every console! This gen is just retarded! everone is greedy and only wants money! I miss when games didnt need patches or DLC, and I miss when everone would play Halo instead of Call of Duty, I also miss when Call of Duty was just another shooter, not THEE staple shooter that everyone just has to play.... yeah last gen SH*TS on this gen!

orange-skittle4045d ago

@Tito-I appreciate your input, but maybe you didnt understood what I was saying. You say that PS2 introduced us to DVD and you're wrong. Every gen has introduced us to something, but Phillips/Magnavox introduced us to DVD. Who do you think invented it? That's why Sony was using them at first to bring out the PS1. TurboGrafx16 introduced everyone to CD format, PS2 introduced DVD, and PS3 introduced Blu-Ray. Every GEN has introduced something new.

When I mentioned celebrities, I was not mentioning this GEN, but as a whole. I have been gaming since 1980 and have seen it come from a novelty to a billion dollar business, so I am a true fan. Like I stated earlier..PS2 didn't do anything that PS1 didnt do. If you're talking about graphics and DVD, then you're not looking too deep. Dreamcast brought in ONLINE and XBL took it to another level. PS2 wasn't even thinking of it at the time. That's why you used a network adapter and xbox came equip with ethernet.

Tito084044d ago

@ Orange- I didn't say it introduced DVD, but Sony co-developed DVD along with Phillips & Toshiba if you didn't know, but DVD really took off & became the media of choice because of Sony & the PS2, not Phillips.....

Dreamcast brought online, that was the console that started that gen, the PS2 didn't have a network adapter, but it came built-in with the slim model, so it wan't that bad after all!!!!!!!

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Optical_Matrix4046d ago

But last generation was better quality wise. The quality was higher as was the creative integrity of a lot of studio's.

Imalwaysright4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Not only quality but quantity and variety too! I wouldnt at all be surprised if the PS2 had more AAA titles than the PS3, 360 and Wii combined. Now add the Dreamcast, GC and Xbox to the equation and last gen completely destroys the boring current gen that is driven by money, DLC, FPS, online passes, hype, publicity and gimmicks.

Matrix2k4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

The trolls are out who dont understand what he was saying and are just using this as a platform to hate without cause.


DonaldBeck4046d ago

that was one of the most ignorant things i have heard on n4g.

Rainstorm814046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

YES creative integrity, there were so many varied franchises and games last gen, that it puts this gen to shame.

Remakes fill alot of the void that games like Okami,Jade Empire, KOTOR, Viewtiful Joe, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, filled last gen.

On top of that look at the sequels to popular last gen SOCOM, DMC, RE, Star Ocean, Fable, GTA, FF.... They are mere shadows of their former glory.

So either you are very young, a common troll or one of those new Casual-Core gamers that think COD and Angry Birds are the best games since the original Super Mario Bros.

DaReapa4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

So true. And on the subject of sequels, rarely did you come across a franchise last gen that consisted of 2 or more sequels all within the same gen. The DMC series is the only one to come to mind. Now it seemed to become the norm.

ZippyZapper4046d ago

I still love my old games as much as I love new games, sometimes more.

DrJones4045d ago

Pale, old, wapanese basement dwellers are to blame for glorifying the past gens. This gen has been very, very good. The nostalgia is getting to their heads.

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Troll-without-Bridge4046d ago

I think there has been a downgrade of quality along with gamers becoming dumber. So in this twisted reality of course they can't compete.

dark-hollow4046d ago

"gamers becoming dumber"

or maybe japanese developers should up there game!

most beloved last gen franchises have fallen this gen (final fantasy, resident evil, devil may cry etc.)

HarryMasonHerpderp4046d ago

add silent hill to that list too =(

Troll-without-Bridge4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

By step up their games you mean to simplify and make games more mainstream, or dumb blockbusters.

You know, Gaming is the only industry where "blockbusters" are considered the cream of the crop. If you observe the music and movie industry you'd see how niche productions with more heart and complexity get much more credit in the medium.

Gaming is devolving, becoming dumber, and gamers are accepting those changes and shaping the form of those games. They look at a game with pretty graphics and they forget about everything else.

Games like mass effect, fallout 3 or skyrim, uncharted or call of duty are examples of watered down gameplay elements in favor of presentation.

dark-hollow4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

"By step up their games you mean to simplify and make games more mainstream, or dumb blockbusters."

but isnt that what the japanese developers are doing right now??? catering to the west market by removing/altering what made their franchise great for the sake of "westernizing"???

and "downgrade in quality"????

have you played bioshock?? mass effect?? dead space??? uncharted??? heavy rain??? skyrim?? mirror edge??

have we experienced anything like the above games on the previous gen??
sure, some trends and franchises have fallen but new franchises have raised from their ashes.

this gen was/is a blast!!

RedDead4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Dark hollow, Mass effect is a dumbed down shooter version of Kotor and BG2. It has no depth compared to those two.

Bioshock is still generally regarded to be not as good as System shock 2. But graphics are there right? But atleast Bioshock didn't do what ME did. It's still god, but don't act like it wasn't done before. Some things are a carbon copy of SS2

Skyrim is an eternally dumbed down version of Morrowind with zero depth, besides again presentation and combat(yet combat is still ****)

Uncharted again, presentation. That's all people are looking for this gen. I'd take crash or Jak over it.

Heavy i'll give ya, and mirrors edge, definitely not dead space though. Action with horror elements. There were better horrors in previous gens by a long shot.

Lord_Sloth4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

And why? Because they changed from a working formula. They dumbed themselves down to try and fit in with the US crowd and casualized themselves.

Devil May Cry ditched Crazy Combos and tossed difficulty, Final Fantasy tried a more real time battle system, and Resident Evil put you in the daylight the whole game! It was also easy as hell.

I dunno what's up with trying to appeal to a broader audience because it clearly ain't workin! Casuals won't like a fast paced DMC style adventure so I wouldn't try. Just hold tight to the fans you already have. They'll get their friends to look at the title.

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dredgewalker4046d ago

Japanese devs need to get back to their roots and make Japanese style games, cause it is what makes them unique and appealing.

Snookies124046d ago

Kojima-san noooo! You are legendary! Well, at least you can compete hands down, but others might have to step up their game a little. *cough* Square *cough* Sorry, I have high hopes for XIII-2, and Versus, but they have been getting worse in quality. :\

Stealth2k4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Again, more comments taken out of context. He wasnt only just referring to japan.

He was referring to the entire industry where basically only 20 percent of games make profit and its extremely hard to do anything that isnt a sequel of an established brand to even try and hit that 20 percent

This isnt a japan vs west thing.

This is a japan vs west vs profit vs cost thing

I am only stating this before the trolls comes out and the real message of what he was saying becomes lost