PlayStation Vita Download Sales Exceeding Expectations -- Sony Japan CEO

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan CEO Hiroshi Kawano spoke briefly about PlayStation Vita sales during a press conference for Gung Ho Entertainment's Ragnarok Odyssey yesterday.

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blaaah2507d ago

They better. Especially considering retail failed your expectations.

StraightPath2507d ago

Reading stuff on the internet if you know were to look hackers are very close to hacking the PS Vita..and CFW can come sooner then expected one hacker said that the sony changed the keys or somthing but likes a challenge.

MrWiggle2507d ago

"Especially considering retail failed your expectations"

Obviously you can't read

Sony are really pleased how well PSV has done, it's just silly articles and people like you believing them who think that the PSV has "failed"

blaaah2506d ago

Only 72k sold in d 1st full week that too at at loss!? R u f**king kidding me?? Those are the worst launch numbers i've heard for Sony in Japan nd no matter hw much they say they are pleased they should be feeling the pain financially somewhere.

Tony-A2506d ago

Despite the second week drop (which always happens), the Vita had the second most successful Japanese launch in Sony's history in the gaming industry. It dropped on average with all their other systems.

Fail?? Nahh, son.

Ser2506d ago

Let the naysayers whine, it's their job.

Can't wait to pick up my Vita.

Baka-akaB2507d ago

At least back up your claims , what were those expectations again ?

Talking about their , not your own made up ones they'd always fail to reach anyway

smashcrashbash2506d ago

What where Sony's expectations? Are you a Sony CEO or something? You seem extremely confident that retail failed their expectations. That is the problem with writing first and thinking afterwards. Also if you check your gaming history the second week has always dropped drastically for every system Sony has ever had and they all went on to sell tens and hundreds of millions of units. Please, if your going to diss Sony, do it with sense and knowledge, not with ignorance

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DonaldBeck2507d ago

"exceeding expectations" so to all of the doom and gloom articles check this out.:)

Bundi2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

It's easy to say that when A: you had low expectations and B: have kept those numbers a secret.
Besides, they said almost the exact same thing about the PSP Go meeting expectations and it flopped so thats not really saying much now is it?

remanutd552507d ago

well the majority of my vita games will be digital versions , of course i will get some physical versions here and there but the majority will be digital , oh and they better bring down Uncharted Golden Abyss price , i think $39.99 should be good

pupa2507d ago

Haters will be haters

Go vita! No rush!

resistance1002507d ago

Seeing that Downloads are cheaper than retail copies i'm not surprised.

Was about time this happened and does tempt me to download rather than buy a physical copy for the first time.

Matrix2k2507d ago

they didnt say it was more...........

retail is ALWAYS higher so they didnt need to say it.

resistance1002507d ago

Going by PSN and XBL. Downloadable versions are more expensive at launch compared to retail copies. E.g. Infamous 2 was £49.99 on PSN when it launched compared to being able to pick it up for £37.99 at retail.

At least in the UK this is the first time i've seen a downloadable version of a game RRP for less than the retail version.

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