RAGE - News about the PC Level Editor coming this month

DSOGaming writes: "Our guess is that the ‘right moment’ has already passed and although we don’t have any new information about the release date of the PC patch that would supposedly fix or tweak the game’s textures, iD Software has revealed that they’ll have some news about the PC level editor of RAGE this month."

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Chnswdchldrn2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Rage was a terrible game, boring and easy quests, some tacked on BS racing modes for id fans who didn't even want it (um we just wanted an FPS game id) and a short campaign with a garbage ending, I seriously beat the thing in like 14 hours and I was taking my time and what not and did almost every side quest, except for I think one that I missed. They were saying stuff like 25 hours if you did everything. 25 My ass ID.

The story of Rage had so much potential if only they had elaborated or built on it in any meaningful way...but they didnt. Your just a guy with a gun romping around shooting whatever moves, totally, imo, disconnected from the potentially great story of post apocalyptic survival. *SPOILERS* For crying out loud you don't even confront the Authority leader guy, or whoever he was, the last of the 13 generals (or something like that if my memory serves).

The gun play is OK its not as satisfying as it is in other ID titles but its just ok

Overall you get a very bland game that is not what we were expecting, or wanting, from ID

Rage was not great

dirthurts2483d ago

If the game is easy, don't play on easy...
That being said the game is pretty difficult on higher difficulty settings. I really enjoyed the game and found the story interesting enough.
I agree, the ending was terrible. It almost felt rushed like they ran out of time. But other than that I enjoyed every second of it.
Even at 14 hours it's still far longer than the average fps these days.

RaidensRising2483d ago

The advantages of PC gaming shining through here. Same with all the GTA and Skyrim mods.

I wonder if console gamers will ever get an approved modding community ever (aside from UT).

pucpop2483d ago

I enjoyed completing Rage but have no reason to play again due to there being no new game+ feature!

LightofDarkness2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Geez, WTH happened with this game? id really dropped the ball. It has actually managed to replace my excitement for Doom 4 with cautious concern.

Eiffel2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

It sucks really, id haven't been the same since John Romero's departure. He was the designer behind all their revolutionary titles, he knew what worked and what would be popular. Carmack took Romero's ideas and made them a technical perfection. id software was founded by some very talented men, and as they departed it began to reflect upon their work, even business actions. You're not alone, I too fear for Doom 4, and id as a whole.

Revvin2483d ago

Stick a fork in it, RAGE is done. Huge disappointment.

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