Bungie's new engine: "dynamic world", "believable characters", "awesome hair"

OXM UK: "Bungie's new engine will do away with aliasing problems or "jaggies", push boundaries for facial animations and facilitate true dynamic worlds, according to senior graphics engineer Hao Chen."

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dirigiblebill2532d ago

I'll settle for "steady framerate".

krazykombatant2532d ago

don't care, just give me a new splinter cell.

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Laxman2532d ago

What does that have to do with anything this article is about, or the people/studio/publisher this article mentions?

humbleopinion2532d ago

Over a year later Halo Reach remains the best FPS on consoles to date. Can't wait to see what Bungie plans for us next!

thrasherv32532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Over a year later and you remain wrong.

wwm0nkey2532d ago

Im a Halo fan and no, Reach was easily the worst of the series. Can't really blame Bungie though, thats what happens when you have been working on a series so long and get bored of it.

Very happy that 343i took over.

Muffins12232531d ago

Nope odst worst.Ive i had to rate(i played halo combat evolved,halo 3 and reach.Halo 3 had best multiplayer and halo reach had the best features and was very innovative with forge :)

SSultan2532d ago

FPS on console has always been a joke. You just forget about it.

leogets2532d ago

What u on drugs? How can millions of battlefield console fans be wrong

SSultan2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Battlefield... Console... Battlefield is a game that is supposed to be played on PC. The console versions should be called Gimpyfield 3.

Solid_Snake372532d ago

I dont recall consoles gimping bf3 on pc, pc version looks amazing

Fylus2532d ago

Solid, what? He didn't say the PC version was gimped. He said the console version was, which I have to respectfully disagree. Sure the console versions don't look as good and have smaller maps but it's still the same gorgeously fun game.

Diver2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

really sultan dude you should look at the facts. if you go to the bf3 stats website pc is in last place 19 times outta 20. an consoles are rated separately so pc numbers cant beat the ps3 or 360 alone. disagree if you want but the numbers is on my side.

humbleopinion2531d ago

Mmm, many comments to my opinion that Halo Reach remains the best FPS to play today, yet none of them were able to mention a better game FPS released on the console since Reach.
Please note that I didn't say it's the best overall game or the best experience, it's just the best FPS.

I mean, the only 3 games that can claim the crown in the multiplayer front are Battlefield, COD and Killzone - and neither of those can offer the same single player (and not to mention co-op) experience and replayability. Sorry, but Halo reach is just the best overall package.

There were tons of other FPS games and many promises this year (FEAR 3, Crysis 2, Rage, DNF, Serious Sam 3, Brink, SOCOM, Killzone 3, Homefront and the list goes on), but none managed to leave an impact. Maybe next year (I personally have high hopes for Ghost Recon, Bioshock and Syndicate).

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Alos882532d ago

Reading those three features made me immediately think "So not Final Fantasy then."

theonlylolking2532d ago

This engine looks like it is focusing on shaders like the engine RAGE is on.

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