Why I stopped playing so many games in 2011

BeefJack: "Left feeling unfilled with quick daliances with games? James Haresign is too, and he argues it’s time we started to take our time with them more seriously."

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zu4G2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

thats because your admitting and realized that your too old for Vg Games.. mi right?

ArchangelMike2507d ago

Very good article actually (just ignore the troll).

When I buy a game, I have to invest financially, and then timewise witht he game. I always feel a pang of guilt when I buy another new game without completing previous games.

2011 was great with the amount of games througout the year, but I got too many games while on the hype wagon, and never completed them, or enjoyed them fully.

I guess 2012 will give me time to catch up on all the games I'm yet to complete... once I finish playing Skyrim that is.

Jdoki2507d ago

Yeah, I agree.

2011 was the first year where I really started to think twice about getting games Day 1. - In previous years I ended up with a massive stack of games that I never completed.

With most single player campaigns being quite short, and a lot of games getting over-scored or over-hyped I have rented a lot more than bought this year, and have saved myself a fortune!

I only buy games that either have; replay value, a multiplayer component I will play long term, or are guaranteed to be AAA.

caseh2507d ago

I feel the authors pain, too many great games and just not enough time to invest.

I've had Uncharted 3 since it was launched and i only got around to playing it yesterday but felt I was rushing through it unlike with part 2 which I invested quite a bit of time into.

Outside of that I have Skyrim, Batman: AC, Ace Combat: AH to play at some point if I can drag my ass away from Battlefield 3 for long enough.

Captain Qwark 92507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

its funny, i stopped playing a lot of games too but not becuase i wanted to move on to the next thing....i stopped becuase i got bored.

games i stopped playing this year out of boredom...
Gears 3
Uncharted 3
Dragon Age 2

Games interesting enough to finish...
Batman AC
Dark Souls
Heavy Rain ( late to the party on that one )

Stopped playing for other reasons....( mostly time )
Metal gear collection
3D Dot Heroes
LA noire ( game froze and wouldnt work anymore :( )

Currently playing and will finish
Sonic Generations ( im old school, love 2D platformers )

Jdoki2507d ago

I also stopped playing Uncharted 3 due to getting a bit bored of it. Real shame as the story telling techniques and characters are great - I just found the story very dull, and too similar to Uncharted 2.

Captain Qwark 92507d ago

couldnt agree more, way too much of the same to me. surprising to see someone agree with me lol normally i get flamed for not thinking uncharted 3 is the holy grail of videogames lol

BitbyDeath2507d ago

I agree as well.
It is a good game but i'm not as drawn to it as i was U2 my favourite game of 2011 would have to be inFamous 2.

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