Borderlands 2 bosses 'bigger and better'

Borderlands 2 will have ‘bigger, better’ bosses than before, say developers Gearbox, saying they have a better understanding of why their game works after successful DLC packages.

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jdfoster2482d ago

What about the story? Especially the ending... Will that be bigger and better? Hope so as it was absolute rubbish in Borderlands. The ending was, and still is the worst ending I have ever seen in a videogame. Shocking! GearBox please make an half decent ending! Any ending... Just make it better than the original one! The ending made me feel (imo) that all the hours I put into it was a complete waste!

Fallout 3 ending was also very, very poor. So poor that they had to bring out dlc to conclude Fallout 3...better...

ElliePage2482d ago

Why would you play a game like Borderlands for the story? lol

Anyways, I couldn't care less about another game as I haven't even finished the first one. It's such a boring game to play (not to mention overrated).

jdfoster2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Why... What do you play sp focused games for...?

Stupid rhetorical question you have put there, if you don't mind me saying! (it was rhetorical right? (lol)

Anyway the story's a major let down. Decent with a god awful story -.- ... I also agree with you. Nice art design...not the best game gameplay way wise... Brought some new things to the table though...

ElliePage2480d ago

It's not a SP focused game. It's focused more on co-op. Even the skills that you level up like the sniper classes bonus xp is meant to help the team. It's like Dead Island, you don't play through the game by yourself, you play through it with other people.