WWE '13 Will Have Improved Crowd Reactions

The crowd reactions in WWE '12 (and previous WWE games) had been less-than-stellar. THQ is aiming to improve on this for WWE '13.

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CrimsonEngage2479d ago

Thank god. The Rock comes out I hear crickets, when Austin comes out I hear crickets, Cena? Who cares he sucks...

When I deliver an RKO I want people to get the fuck up and count 1, 2, 3 as i'm pinning the poor fool.

ElliePage2479d ago

So they have little to no crowd reaction? That seems pretty realistic considering how much the WWE sucks these days.

DeadlyFire2478d ago

No crowd reactions anymore really in WWE. Only a certain few. Problem with WWE these days is there is Superstar A and Superstar B. 1 major feud. Nothing else. Attitude Era everyone had some type of feud going on.

LolololRumz2479d ago

Imo they need to fix lots of little things with these games.

I've been holding off for a long time with these games, but things like wrestlers coming out the right side of the stage, including entrance gear, showing the wrestler with the title belt 30cm off their shoulder etc

galgor2479d ago

They need a new engine.

A new name & extra advertising probably helped the game sell better last year but in essence, same game different name.

vortis2479d ago

I gotta admit that WWE 12 was a pretty awesome step up from WWE 11, if you play both you'll definitely notice the differences, especially when it comes to animation transitions and just how smooth the pace of a match can go. It's awesome.

At least THQ tries to go for something big each year and I've enjoyed each game each time out, more-so than what I can say for Activision and Call of Duty, where each year they either remove something from the previous version or re-add something that was already there before all while basically keeping things the same.

The difference is that THQ at least works for your $60, and the PS3/360 version of WWE 12 was worth it. As opposed to the DLC-type upgrades CoD gets each year.

Also, WWE Universe mode is so freaking addictive!

Ezio20482479d ago

"showing the wrestler with the title belt 30cm off their shoulder"

fourthpersonview2479d ago

I'd like a crowd reaction where they throw chairs in the ring.

dennett3162479d ago

Forget crowd reaction, make the weapon contacts sound better...they sound terrible as is, even the kendo stick sounds like crap now, and it used to sound spot on.

NYC_Gamer2479d ago

i'd rather take a digital release of all the wwf/wcw games from the 64