I (Don't) Wanna Hold Your Handheld

Albatross Revue take a look at Sony and Nintendo's current heandhelds and tell them no thanks I have a smartphone

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Wintersun6162479d ago

That's like looking at a very good car for a generous price and saying "no thanks, I have feet".

Razongunz2479d ago

haha funny! eat my bubble.

YamiHoshi2479d ago

"I've got a very good car for you."
"No thanks, I have feet."

MetalX2479d ago

Some people walk and drive at the same time..

dedicatedtogamers2478d ago

I hate articles like this. This sorta crap is why I hate gaming journalism.

The sad, sad irony is that this attitude (smartphones are good enough. no need for a handheld) is the exact OPPOSITE of how people treated the Wii. Imagine if some gamer was like "Dual analog sticks? HD graphics? Awesome hardcore franchises? Nah, I have a Wii! Now, excuse me while I go play Elebits", they would have been LAUGHED OFF THE INTERNET.

Yet, when it comes to handheld gaming, apparently "gamers" are perfectly fine accepting a vastly inferior product for their gaming needs. Hah.

GribbleGrunger2479d ago

doesn't it just make you long for that future to arrive sooner rather than later.

milohighclub2479d ago

did he just diss all gamers?

Malice-Flare2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

The Binding of Isaac is a PC game not a mobile game, and i think Nintendo is trying to get that game for the 3DS...

Knushwood Butt2479d ago

Er, great.

There's ton of stuff I have no interest in either, but I don't go out of my way to write about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.