GTA 5 Release To Outsell Call of Duty 9: Exaggerated Claims Analyzed

Pinoytutorial: Recently, some sources suggest GTA V might be able to pull a 180 and outsell the next CoD game (Call of Duty 9) this year; however, we beg to differentiate after analyzing the facts for the two games.

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MrBeatdown2478d ago

It's funny that this guy calls Divinch's claim "exaggerated" and points out that he didn't provide any hard evidence to back it up, yet the author's only evidence is comparing day one sales of a game released in April 2008 to the day one sales of Call of Duty games released between November 2009 and November 2011.

If VGChartz is even remotely accurate, combined PS3 and 360 sales were around 30 million in April 2008. Now, they are around 110 million. Call me crazy, but I'm thinking a pool of potential day one buyers that's quadruple the size of what GTA4 had to work with might help Rockstar out with GTA5.

Maybe GTA5 won't outsell CoD, but I'm guessing Divinch has a little more insight into this than "pinoytutorial" does.

Thatguy-3102478d ago

The GTA series has sold so far 124 and COD 122. It's obvious that GTA won't surpass the records or even beat COD this year. This Gen its all about multiplayer and COD nails it by bringing addictive gameplay to it. Even though I was disappointed with GTA I'll most likely get it but that game revolves around the story amd how it presents itself using the open world. IMO that's the only reason it was able to rule last generation but since it can't surpass COD multiplayer I doubt teens will pass up COD for it. Players that are 20 and older might but I really can't see it being as big as it used to be last gen. I wonder what will be the next big game ones this Gen finishes.

MrBeatdown2478d ago

I don't get why lifetime sales really matter here. Divinch sounds like he's just talking about GTAV compared to the next CoD day one sales.

CoD will sell a ton, but at the same time, I don't see why GTA can't do the same. It's the only other multiplatform game that is as popular, or at least widely recognized, as Call of Duty.

It's been four years since GTA4. I don't know whether Call of Duty will do better, but I think it's a possibility that GTA could beat it. I know a lot of people weren't crazy about GTA4, but just looking at the trailer, you can see they are bringing back some aspects of San Andreas that made it the most popular, like air planes and rural areas. That, combined with the fact that it will likely borrow a lot of the improvements Red Dead Redemption made over GTA4 (like a much better multiplayer mode) and I don't see any reason why GTA beating out CoD is so unlikely.

Fact is, this guy is claiming GTA's potential is exaggerated by Divinch, but the author has nothing to back that up. He's using sales from four years ago to predict how GTA would perform today, even though the number of PS3s and 360s out there have quadrupled in that time.

I'm not saying GTA will beat Call of Duty. I don't know. But I know that pointing to sales from early 2008 as if they are some kind of indication of GTA's performance four years later is just plain stupid, and shows the author really doesn't have a clue.

Thatguy-3102478d ago

Ok then just simply compare the sales that san andreas had against the sales of any of the recent COD games.

MrBeatdown2478d ago

And what will San Andreas sales tell me? Despite San Andreas releasing to a smaller install base, GTA4 beat San Andreas both in day one and lifetime sales. Each GTA has sold better than the last. I'm not sure what conclusion you are expecting me to come to.

Pikajew2478d ago

Why are people hyping GTA V when so much people were disappointed with GTA IV

ElliePage2478d ago

Because a lot of people are retarded and they think the game will magically become fun again. I mean people bought 360's that kept breaking down on them and they keep buying CoD which is the same thing every year. Those types of "gamers" aren't smart at all so they'll believe anything that PR tells them.

BitbyDeath2478d ago

I didn't like GTAIV because -

I hated Nikko, the driving was terrible, the side missions were boring, it took a lot of Vice City and San Andreas functionality away like the Bicycle, the story was average, everything felt rushed.

GTAV has had time to correct a lot of these things and the trailer looked a lot more brighter and colourful like Vice City combined with the openness of San Andreas.

Also Red Dead didn't suck so i'd say GTAV has a lot of potential.

MrBeatdown2478d ago

I loved GTA4, but RDR was such a huge improvement over it. Even Gay Tony was a step in the right direction.

If GTAV has the mission variety of Gay Tony and the mechanics, side missions, and multiplayer of Red Dead, it's going to be a hell of a game.

Ducky2478d ago

I wasn't disappointed with GTA IV.

The characters were well-developed, the world was detailed, and I felt the overall story was pretty good as well.

However, unlike the past GTA games where I spent hours faffing about, IV didn't have me coming back for more after the main story was done.

jay22478d ago

Because you all kiss activisions bums, you'll have to pay another £20!

GraveLord2478d ago

GTA V just has no chance to outsell the next COD.
It will definitely come close but COD is too mainstream right now and GTA has been out of the spotlight for too long...

So here's how sales will go lifetime
COD 2012 > MW 3 > Black Ops > MW2 > GTA V > GTA IV

Its still respectable numbers.

hiredhelp2477d ago

Dont be so sure you be supprised just how big fanbase GTA has always had. even before call of duty hit consoles. And i think even pc with old installment of cod.