God of War 4: How it Should Be

Gods of War is a fantastic franchise that has kept audiences craving more since the PS2 days. Of course we want more of this series of games that has withstood the test of time. There’s just one little problem that could either make or break the series.

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remanutd552483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

change the main character ? you must be nuts , a god of war game without Kratos ? might as well developed a new iP instead , god of war without Kratos ? i could see us play as Deimos for a bit but Kratos has to be there , He is THE God of War for Christ sake , he was a mere mortal in God of War , He became a God after he killed Ares in God of War 2 and finally he is a freaking LEGEND after destroying all of Olympus and Zeus on god of War 3
Man , God , LEGEND !!!! he must be the main character in God of War 4 .

i hope sony santa monica doesnt do the same mistake Insomniac Games did when they killed Nathan Hale

If all of Olympus will deny me my vengeance then all of olympus will die - and kratos kept his word , all of olympus died

sly-Famous2483d ago

Agree with all you said, the only thing I dont agree with is that Kratos killed Ares in GOW and not GOW2.

remanutd552483d ago

he killed it at the end of god of war , you played the game as mortal kratos, most of the time , he got to be The God of War at the very end of it , thats why i said , Man , God , LEGEND

thehusbo2483d ago

My thoughts exactly, well said :)

BigBoss19642483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

A God of War game without Kratos? isn't that Dante's Inferno

Shojin12483d ago

A DMC cry game without Dante? Yes its DMC---

DonaldBeck2483d ago

just make it and i will buy it.

darkknight09962483d ago

How it Should Be?
the way SM want it to be, not like what the gaming media wants or what the fans want.
they made 5 games on their own, they don't need any help or suggestion.

specialguest2483d ago

Keep the action and brutality of classic GOW, but make the missions less linear. Some optional side quest would be great. I don't need a full overhaul of the GOW franchise yet, just an enhancement.

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