10 Best / Most Annoying Hiding Spots in MW3

I thought I would point out some of the trickiest spots where your enemy might be hiding out. This might help if you’re getting repeatedly killed over and over again by the same guy but just can’t figure out whereabouts he is. It might also help - and I’m not recommending this because I know how people get - but you could also use them yourself if you’re one away from an awesome killstreak and want to increase your odds of bagging that last point.

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moeqawama2532d ago

That's awesome, an article that promotes camping... as if more of that was needed

JeffGUNZ2532d ago

I was thinking the same thing.

jacen1002531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

bf3 and mw3 the fun is gone in these games nothin but camp kills which has killed the gameplay, gone are the days when u had a slugfest shooting match its all camping nowadays in these games. developers put all the time into visuals and making the games look as good as possible yet noobs still prefer to sit in a corner.
there should be a noob killer built into these games if u stay in the one small area for too long u get booted from game