The Most Improved Gaming Sequels of 2011

With more and more titles getting annual releases, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the number of Triple-A games being released. When games do get put on the yearly release schedule, or bring out new sequels, most what to know how much the new game has improved over the old one. Something that’s vital to the success of any game that looks to become a hit franchise.

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dinkeldinkse2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Ignoring my freezing problems with Skyrim, it didn't improve on anything besides the combat and graphics and most of the major quests are a complete bore to play.

Killzone 3 is a completely watered down noobified shell of Killzone 2 that removed or simplified everything that distinguished Killzone 2 from the nauseating amount of FPS released this gen.

Resistance 3 is just meh. It may have a better SP than Resistance 2(I hate Capelli so I can't really tell), but the lack of R2's coop doesn't make it an improvement over R2.

Edit: I don't see how Skyrim is an improvement. Has the same problems as every other Shithesda game.

RedDead2483d ago

There aren't much sequels that have improved(or changed) from their predecessors this year. I suppose LbP2 deserves a spot here over most of these. The witcher 2 also took alot on. And Skyrim sorta does also deserve a spot on this list when comparing it to other sequels improvements.

megalonagyix2483d ago

then care to explain what improved on the prequel? uncharted? AC? come on...

baboom2232483d ago

Skyrim DEFINITELY improved since the last Bethesda game, especially compared to a lot of other games this year. Name one that improved more.

codename132483d ago

The Witcher 2
Batman Arkham City
Portal 2

end of story :D

gillri2483d ago

you forgot Dark Souls

bozebo2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

TW2 (graphics, voice acting, style, combat) and BF3 (amazing gunplay, the guns feel so good and the bullets actually work now) were huge improvements. Portal 2 didn't quite capture the same spirit as the first game for me though. Skyrim has really boring quests and far too many bugs though it did improve massively in some areas (style, combat, voice acting and presentation)

gillri2483d ago

the bugs in Skyrim were a huge problem for me

why I didnt wait a few months to play it in a much more polished state I dont know

I put 240 hours into it and I felt as though I was fighting the bugs non stop

bozebo2483d ago

Yeah it's been spoilt for me too. 120 hours of bugs and now I don't have the drive to replay it once they sort their act out. I am condemning Bethesda to my personal developer "graveyard" of whom I have lost hope in (along with the likes of Rare, Lionhead, Square Enix who made masterpieces in the past but are now rubbish)

Sugreev20012483d ago

Arkham City,Portal 2,InFamous 2 and Saints Row:The Third improved the most out of all the gaming sequels in my opinion.The biggest leap in terms of improvement has to be The Witcher 2,which has been given far less praise than it deserves.It is miles better than Skyrim in many many regards...though Skyrim improved a little too.Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 improved,though in different ways.KZ3's SP was worse than KZ2,while R3's MP was worse than R2.The case with Gears 3 was somewhat the same,but not too that degree.The absolute worst sequels were both from EA,namely Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2,of course in my opinion.

Shojin12483d ago

I would say Skyrim and Ace Combat are my most improved. Skyrim looks like a portrait and Ace Combat is the definition of visceral.

Blastoise2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Resistance 3 was an improvement overall. But a bit dissapointing in other ways. Worth a purchase though.
+Better weapons
+Best single player (Besides the ending)
+Best graphics
+Good but different Multiplayer

-No co-op
-Not enough badass bosses

P.S Skyrim sucks