Magazine scans revealing GRAW 3, Tomb Raider: Legend 2, Elder Scrolls MMO, Star Wars FPS, Aliens, & KOTOR III

A forum member found magazine scans revealing these titles.

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skynidas5284d ago

WTF!! What is this magazine?
Bioware not developing KOTOR III THAT makes me sad

Relcom5284d ago (Edited 5284d ago )

I know its early but heres my prediction. Kotor2 is to kotor 3, like COD4 is to COD3. COD3 was pretty good but nothing compared to COD4. I think thats what it will be like for KOTOR 3. Just a shot in the dark.

It could be great who knows.

MasterChief28295284d ago

XBOX 360 WORLD, I think it's a UK mag.

MK_Red5284d ago

I'm actually happy to know this because KOTOR2 is my fave KOTOR and it's developed by Obsidian. Plus, I hated original Neverwinter Nights but liked NWN2 which was again, developed by Obsidian. Plus, Obsidian is made of ex-Black Isle people who have worked on classics like Fallout and Torment.

ShiftyLookingCow5284d ago (Edited 5284d ago )

I certainly enjoyed KOTOR 2 but it somehow went a different track from KOTOR 1. Since Bioware(I am talking about the Sci Fi team since Fantasy team is working on Dragon Age) is busy with Mass Effect, I wouldnt mind KOTOR 2 being developed by Obsidian(hopefully they can better connect the stories of KOTOR 1 and 2, perhaps make us play as Revan fighting the threat from the outer edge of the galaxy instead of starting a new character. Exile wasnt much of a character.)

lawman11085284d ago

Same company diff name Thats all. With Mass effect they had to split the troops to make sure the 2 games were made at all.

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games4fun5284d ago (Edited 5284d ago )

... and waits for a more reliable source than some post blogger then wonders whether or not the whole article is photoshop, only one pick per story and the stories are short as can be.

if i am wrong... my bad

MrWonderful5284d ago

well im going to pick up KOTOR 1&2 later this week because i heard that they are great. And i have been enjoying mass effect so. thoughts of others please

Mwaan5284d ago

Kotor has the best battle system out of all those games though. So get them first.

toaboa5284d ago

I also picket it up after finishing Mass Effect - apart from the obviously quit dated presentation, so far it's been a great experience, get it!

lawman11085284d ago

Everybody said HALO was the reason to buy the XBOX and I did but THE game for me was none.I bought Jade empire a few weeks ago just because I found out the same team made that.

Relcom5284d ago

It kinda does look photoshopped, but who could know for sure. I can't

games4fun5284d ago (Edited 5284d ago )

i cant be sure but it does look photoshopped and why doesn't it say what the magazine is following the web page the magazine is never mentioned and the magazine cannot even be confirmed which one it is. And the articles are just too conspicuously short.

Bonsai12145284d ago

that game is classic. i remember playing it way back in the day on my cousin's mac. if they managed to make this new SW game like that, i'll be very very happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.