Everything You Need to Know About CES 2012

In January, the biggest names in technology will converge on Las Vegas for Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest technology exhibitions in the world. The event includes press conferences and new product announcements, as well as early demos and debuts of new and upcoming games

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hotrider122483d ago

talk to a guy today who work at microsoft he said the 720 will not!! released til 2016 he claim MS will not do a 360 quick launch.he also mention testing for bugs is the reason for looong delays.
so that'll give sony ps4 time to develope and release first???

just saying

hellvaguy2483d ago

Was it the stock boy or the copy machine repairman that you got your insider info from? Theres no way in this market that ms would concretely state 2016. Too many unknowns like the success of the wii, and a laundry list of others.

theeg2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )



the new xbox will absolutely, for sure be out this year, you might even see a new playstation this year, and you will for 100% sure see a new wii.

ohh, and the vita

so 3 for sure, 4 maybe, new consoles/handhelds this year and possibly the ipad3, so 5 next gen devices for gaming.

keep dreaming though, about a world where ancient tech lasts forever, enjoy your vhs and cassestte tapes.

hellvaguy2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I was of the mindset that there was zero chance of next xbox release based on ms stating that Halo 4 is being released for the 360:

and hard drives are very expensive due to record flooding:

But now Im 50/50 on the fence about a 2012 release based Halo 4 speculation to be released on both 360 and the next xbox:

theeg2481d ago


yeah, im hoping for a dual release halo 4, talk about a system mover

make it exact same content wise

but the nextbox version in perfect 1080p native, 60 frames constant with v-sync

8x anti aliasing
and higher res textures

i'd be in line day one with my cash!