PS Vita 3G - How Much Are You Willing To Pay?

Early adopters of the handheld in Japan can pay either approximately $12 for 20 hours of 3G connectivity, or approximately $63 for 100 hours. The plus side of this time-based plan is that you can download as much as you want in as little time as possible, and not be plagued by the prospect of extra data charges and caps. You could maybe download a handful of games in an hour, and still have 19 hours left on your plan.

In the US, however, plans are considerably different, and probably more inline with what we should expect in Australia. It's been reported that the provider of 3G connectivity for Vita, AT&T, will offer two plans: $14.99 per month will get them 250MB of data, while $25 a month will provide 2GB of data.

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zeal0us2573d ago

0 because I would just get the wifi model

LOGICWINS2573d ago

This. But AT&T will probably subsidize the price of Vita to $100 if you lock yourself to a two year contract.

Either way the prices are ridiculous. Even IF you manage to get a 3G Vita for $100, your still gunna have to pay $600 in 3G fees(or the cancellation fee).

MasterCornholio2573d ago

Same because 3G seems stupid to me if you cant have multiplayer with it.

Besides there's plenty of free WiFi hotspots around anyways in my country.

knifefight2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Nice XD

Also want to add to something:
The blurb says: "Early adopters of the handheld in Japan can pay either approximately $12 for 20 hours of 3G connectivity, or approximately $63 for 100 hours."

There is more to it than this, btw. Your time is only good for 30 days after you make the purchase. So if you lay down your 1,000 yen (like $12), you've got a maximum of 20 hours of 3G online time with your Vita, but after 30 days, it all expires.

Furthermore, the above does not include the price of the DoCoMo card itself, which you have to buy for $25. Eventually those expire as well (I think annually) so you've got to buy another $25 card on top of your time purchase.

In mid December, the DoCoMo lady laid all this on me and I knew it was the WiFi version for me @[email protected]

Valenka2573d ago

I'll want to pay $0.05. In all seriousness, I'll just wait for a price drop. I'm not in a rush for this device, especially given the price listing already. It just doesn't seem like a legitimate purchase right now, I'm not in a rush.

Razongunz2573d ago

i'm not willing to pay for the 3g, i'm not much outside home and if i am i'm allways at someone elses home..or school that has wifi so 3G is pointless for me. i'll buy an extra game instead.

MetalX2572d ago

I hope the Vitas being sent to Europe arent 50% WIFI and 50% 3G. I think it should be 80% WIFI and 20% 3G. There might be a higher demand for the 3G version in Europe though, since our ISP's will not be locked.

jacen1002572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

buying a handheld to play games then paying extra to use a 3g connection, man there are some sad suckers about that must have no life lmao