OXCGN’s GTA III 10 Year Anniversary Smartphone/Tablet Review- Another stroll through Liberty City


"Rockstar however, instead of releasing a game that was already available across every platform, has decided to go the route of releasing GTAIII on mobile and tablets (Check out Rockstars official supported devices website to see if your device made the cut).

This allows an already amazing company to allow people who wouldn’t own a console to experience a game that has been a staple in the open sandbox genre.

But does it translate well enough to smartphones/tablets?"

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gaminoz2479d ago

I'm really not sure how this would translate that well onto touch screens. Games need to be made for the platform imo, not adapted any old way.

Look at MW3 on Wii....

Krew_922479d ago

I had this game for a brief time before I sold my tablet (XOOM). The game played fine with touchscreen controls, but I would much rather hook up a game pad and play like that.

just_looken2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

fyi to the above people have successfuly played it with a gamepad on tabs/phones but be real $50 ps2 $30 gta complete edition or a $600 smartphone+game hmmm hard 2 decide which one 2 get.

BadCircuit2479d ago

Controls are kind of important...they'd be the first thing to get right in a game adapted to tablet...

MrWiggle2479d ago

Why did they make this for Mobiles

They should of done a HD version for GTA 3 with added content for consoles. I hope when San Andreas anniversary comes out they'll have a HD collection of GTA3, Vice City and SA.

Us gamers are the ones who bought GTA3 when it came out, don't know why they wouldn't do something special for us instead of mobile users

hiredhelp2479d ago

Plays ok on my ipad thoe i agree pad is better.

brettyd2479d ago

plays pretty well on my 4s. It gets a little tough when you have to shoot multiple enemies. I NEED BUTTONS!

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