Battlefield 3 - DICE is looking into enabling SMAA and FXAA support

DSOGaming writes: "SMAA and FXAA injectors are two tools that are pretty much essential to every PC gamer. SMAA injector comes with amazing AA results that do not blur the image, while the FXAA injector comes with options to tweak the HDR effects and saturation/contrast of your games. We've showcased some FXAA screenshots but as it was proved, both of these tools might get you banned due Punkbuster."

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Motorola2508d ago

HOLY CRAP. If they allow this on PB servers, it'd be amazing. Why use 4x AA at 25 when I can have SMAA with no frame loss? Nice one

Snookies122508d ago

Need to get Battlefield 3 on PC first... But this looks awesome, hope this gets underway. Man, BF3 looks so much better on PC than it does on console. It was the first game that I played on PC, then on console and my jaw dropped at how much of a difference there was.

Mrmagnumman3572508d ago

Yeah man! Just got my gtx 570 pc built, and played BF3 i was stunned !!! I had played crysis 2 on pc, and it was a step up from consoles but left me underwhelmed, played crysis vanilla, same thing... then i played BF3 i was blown away!!! I have since modded crysis and BF3 still is the winner by a longshot... The only thing i haven't played yet is metro 2033 and witcher 2

Snookies122508d ago

Bought Witcher 2 a while back, it's a fantastic game, and downright beautiful! It's easy to get immersed in a world like that, especially with that kind of scenery haha.

Yep, I totally agree though, just playing the beta of BF3 on PC with the highest settings left me breathless... That Frostbite 2 engine is amazing.

fossilfern2508d ago

There is an SMAA injector for BF3 ?

Motorola2508d ago

There's an SMAA injector for Directx 9/10/11 games, it works with BF3.

john22508d ago

As Motorola said, the SMAA injector works with pretty much every DX9/10/11 games ;)

SpaceFox2508d ago

Title is misleading. DICE isnt looking to support it as a feature in the game, theyre just deciding whether using it should get you banned or not.

I doubt they'd say "No you cant use it". A lot of people are using them on PB servers and I havent heard of anyone being banned because of it, so its pretty safe already.

Would be great if they did support it as an in-game feature, especially on consoles where we can't use injectors. :D

da305kratos2507d ago

been using it!...grass looks green, sky looks blue, image overall looks nice and vivid...PB servers and all, no issues and no real fps hit!