Pocket Gamer: Mega Man X Review

Pocket Gamer: The problem with re-imagining a beloved classic is that any tinkering will come under extremely close scrutiny. In some cases, criticism for such adjustments can be unfair, clouded as it often is by rose-tinted memories of the original game.

In others, however, the ire is justified. Almost every change made to this iOS take on the 1993 SNES classic is for the worse – what remains is a fairly average platformer in its own right, but a port that will make fans bristle with anger.

The X series is a little different from the original Mega Man template. Taking place a century after events of the original games, it sees the eponymous hero tailing a destructive robot named Sigma, as part of a sci-fi police force called the Maverick Hunters.

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Rainstorm812479d ago

Another great classic game having a hard time on "the future of portable gaming"