When it Comes to The Last of Us, “Tone” Must Matter

I no longer want to feel like the hero born through a perfect virgin birth. Allow me to feel like a hero born of struggle and baptized in blood.

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Tony P2534d ago

Uh, the trailer was fine.

It has obviously communicated its point that this is not just some zombie shooter with a fakey emotional trailer.

NeoBasch2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

I think feeling like a hero's overrated. I'd rather feel/empathize for the two main characters, and experience their struggles. If I play a video game, I'm looking to escape in its fiction. I don't want to be the focal point. I don't want to be the hero. The reason I play video games is to get lost in a world that isn't mine or revolve around me. I'd much rather come to understand these two characters and the world they live in through the narrative.

P.S. John Hillcoat's adaptation of the Road sucks. It tries to be introspective (like the book) and fails (unlike the book). All we have seen of the Last of Us is a trailer. A mighty fine trailer full of emotion, which ironically enough has a greater impact than John Hillcoat's adaptation. Hollywood could stand to learn from Naughty Dog's creative team.

milohighclub2534d ago

U guys do know its gonna be coop don't u? Think about it, people have been crying for uc coop adventure for a few years now, naughty dog say it ain't happening cos the focus is on "the single player experience" then they announce a game with 2 main characters.....u do the math.