Rumor: Leaked GameStop Document Lists Vita Games, Prices, Dates

There's a whole bunch of good news from this leaked GameStop document for the PlayStation Vita launch. This comes courtesy of Destructoid reader Josh H, so high fives to him. On this list we found Vita launch titles and their street dates and prices. Overall, here's the best news: there's lots of launch day titles!

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Dante1122481d ago

Sweet prices if true. Almost all of the games are $29.99. Only game that's $49.99 is Uncharted.

remanutd552481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

which should be $39.99 , i wont get it at $49.99 i will get it when i see it on sale

DeeZee2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Believe it or not--but it's actually worth the $49.99 asking price IMHO. I payed $78 for the import version and it's quality surprised me. The price is probably high because it cost more to make than other portable games.

ABizzel12481d ago

They know they're wrong for making Uncharted and a few other games $50.

$40 is the most any PS Vita game should have cost.

user8586212481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

$49.99 for a game with no multiplayer or possible dlc (replay value), no trade in value (trophy situation), 9-10 hours in length is worth it?,

Never paid more then £30 for a handheld game and dont plan to no matter how Uber the graphics are

I doubt all retailers will use this price just the ones who feel the need to rip off customers Gamestop (usa) Game (uk)

Snookies122481d ago

Yeah, even if Uncharted is an amazing game, you don't pay for quality. Seriously 40 should be the cap for Vita games. When do you see 70+ dollar games for console, besides for limited editions. It's just stupid, as much as I love Uncharted and WILL get the game, I am waiting on a price drop.

DeeZee2481d ago

@waseem335 you can trade the game in as long as you buy the retail version. Also the downloadable version will probably be cheaper.

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a_bro2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

i guess the 49.99 games are for AAA/quality games only. it should be 40.00

remanutd552481d ago

it should be $39.99 , doesnt matter if its AAA or not , so we should pay $69.99 for games like God of War 3 , Uncharted 2 and other AAA ps3 titles as well ? nah no handheld game is worth $49.99 , i'd pay $39.99 the most

DeeZee2481d ago

@remanutd55 I guess $49.99 is the PS Vita's $59.99. If you look at console games all of them aren't 60 bucks, there's some for $49.99 and $39.99. Prices on games rose with this generation of consoles, so couldn't they go up for the Vita? I mean, no one wants to pay more--but times are changing...

SoapShoes2481d ago

People are too spoiled now. We all payed $50 for PS2 games and no one complained. Most of them had no online play, DLC, or even the quality that is in Uncharted.

I agree it's high for a handheld game but I don't think it's out of this world high...

ginsunuva2481d ago

Don't worry. I bet psn download versions will be way less

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eferreira2481d ago

it isnt really a huge deal in savings if you get the first edition bundle then

RememberThe3572481d ago

It looks like their trying to do what they do in other countries by setting prices on perceived demand. I hope this fails miserably, there is no way I'm paying 49.99 for a Vita game. 29.99 sounds completely reasonable to me though.

TheGamingArt2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I have no problem with a $30 cap on portable games. But I'm not paying full game price for a Not full experience. No matter what the budget for the game is, the experience will never be the same. No handheld can match full resolutions, surround sound, and a huge high def TV, or the full 3D experience. When that day comes, then I'll pay full retail price.

I will buy Uncharted at launch if it's that rumored 40% off via download though :3. I'm totally getting the 32gig card.

SoapShoes2481d ago

Who says it isn't a full experience? I could see someone saying this on a GBA or maybe even a DS, but a Vita with games that match PS3 experiences in quality and in this case graphics? Nah...

When did it become about the expensive gizmos and not the game? Sure surround sound, massive HDTV, 3D, etc all add to the game but it doesn't make it a better game.

Reborn2481d ago

ShopTO are doing the same. £39.99 for most.

No chance from my part.

ipe2481d ago

thats just rrp. Uncharted ll be 30 pounds and others 20 or 25, mark my words.

or else vita ll flop hard and its games. Even nintendo games are around 30

TheGamingArt2481d ago

This guys a little behind. These prices have been listed on amazon forever and the First Edition bundle was announced like 2-3 months ago.

GraveLord2481d ago

Nice. Gravity Rush is one of my most hyped titles. If I get Vita I'll definitely pick up that game.

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