Swen Vincke confesses: "I wouldn’t be in this industry if I hadn't pirated a couple of games"

DSOGaming writes: "In an age where most developers and publishers are fighting piracy with all of their power, a confession from Larian Studios founder, Swen Vincke, comes to shake things up. According to Vincke himself, he wouldn’t be in this industry if he hadn’t pirated a couple of games. Now this is really shocking and we are impressed by Vincke’s honesty on this matter, as most developers/publishers would condemn piracy in due time."

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bobrea4557d ago

Millions of people pirate. This is not a surprise.

Snookies124557d ago

Yep, if I hadn't pirated a couple games, I probably never would have bought them in the end. I don't think Piracy is a good thing and I stopped long ago, but it's definitely not inherently bad either. It just depends on the person.

What if you just want to make sure the game works on your PC before buying it and there is no demo? That would be a good reason to get a game online first.

The people who go out and just get every new game online because they don't want to spend the money on them, despite having it. Those are the bad ones.

vickers5004557d ago

Well said. It's nice to see some intelligent, level headed comments like yours instead of the usual "anyone who's ever pirated anything should be raped and killed because they're all the scum of the earth and are no better than thieves" dumbass comments that tend to be common among this site that also surprisingly seem to get high amounts of agrees.

Raider694557d ago (Edited 4557d ago )

NO angels has of yet!


Baldur's Gate 3 Devs On Larian's Next Game: "Let Us Cook"

Larian touches on its next projects, sharing that the cinematics will be bigger and better than Baldur's Gate 3's.

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phoenixwing14d ago

If the cinematics are bigger and better I hope they don't cost more as well


Baldur's Gate 3 director refused to sacrifice quality even amid budget and time concerns

Larian was eventually forced to change up its development pipelines.

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shinoff218331d ago

Can't wait for my physical. I got in on the 2nd wave. Had an email a few weeks ago but I was figuring I wouldn't get the game till July August. Well worth that physical edition though.

bRuud8331d ago

I am also waiting for the physical edition of the game. The game is on it's way to me so I expect it next week. Can't wait to finally start the game.

Ataraxias31d ago

I loved the game overall, but Act 3's writing is definitely a result of sacrificed quality.

anast31d ago

Example? Not saying it isn't so, but I'd like to know what you mean.

thorstein31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I am also curious. I felt like Act 3 was a whole new game.

Ataraxias30d ago

One example is Halsin having dramatically less dialogue than any other companion during Act 3. He was added later in development and it shows.

anast30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

A distant secondary character that you don't even have to engage with having less dialogue doesn't mean that the whole third act is inferior. I will need more than that. I will need story beats, plot holes, structure and so on.


Baldur's Gate 4 Has a Huge Uphill Battle Without Larian

With confirmation that Larian Studios will not develop another Baldur's Gate game, the fourth entry has a major challenge on its hands.

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kythlyn55d ago

Larian had big shoes to fill themselves. Hopefully another studio can pull off the same miracle, but uphill battle is an understatement at this point. It feels impossible that BG3 even exists and accomplishes what it does.

franwex55d ago

I doubt anyone will attempt a Baldur’s Gate 4 for minimum a decade. It took about 20 years to get a third one for a a reason.

shinoff218355d ago

I'd just copy every single thing larian did obviously with different story and characters. Sometimes innovation isn't needed at that particular time.

EternalTitan55d ago

Larian should have their own IP.

slayernz55d ago

have you not played the divinity games?

Eidolon54d ago

Some would argue it's not their IP though, as it's part of the Divinity series

slayernz54d ago

Ummm larian created divinity series so not sure what you are on about???

Eidolon54d ago

yep, got it mixed up with another developer.

RiseNShine55d ago

i remember in an interview that it was Larian asking constantly that they wanted to develop Baldurs Gate 3, there has to be some really ugly business going behind the scenes for them to leave in such a way, no DLC no sequel nothing, either they are getting very low return after the huge success, or some of the business practices they have seen are truly terrible.