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GameDynamo - "At an October press event in Las Vegas, THQ gave fans of both the sport and the game a few ideas of what they could expect from their latest offering, UFC Undisputed 3, showcasing among other things the new Pride FC mode, which finally brings to the stage the Japanese mixed martial arts tournament, formerly one of the largest in the world. "

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Lelldorianx2483d ago

I still prefer the classic, 2D fighter titles to these -- is that such a bad thing?

Euthanasia782483d ago

No, not at all. That's what makes gaming so great. We all have something. Wether it be Farmsville or Skyrim. There is room for everyone. Now, on this gamee's note. I must admit, I'm such a raving rabid MMA/UFC fanboy, I'd have biased opinion. Just being honest. I am looking forward to this. I still love BJ Penn like he never lost LOL. Is that a bad thing? LOL

Euthanasia782483d ago

Plus I look at this as a sports game anyway. These guys are elite lvl athletes. It's a sport. It should be recognized as a sport. They are some of the most athletic/in shape dudes in the world. For instance, the Diaz Brothers run triatholons inbetween fights to stay in shape. Crazy!