PlayStation Vita shown running Sega Genesis titles (video)

Still mulling whether or not to pick yourself up a PlayStation Vita? Obsessed with retro gaming titles? If you answered "yes" to both, you should probably start socking away a few extra coins, buster. YouTube user frwololo has just upped a video showcasing the Half Byte Loader running the Picodrive emulator on Sony's PS Vita -- the first major proof that this kind of wizardry is indeed a possibility. The nuts and bolts of how it happened are being kept under wraps for now, and he seems certain that Sony's inbuilt security will make the mod unusable as soon as it's released. That said, there's still a lot of hope to be found in the clip just after the break, and c'mon -- who doesn't need a little hope to kick off a year where we're all supposed to perish?

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mistajeff2534d ago

that was quick. but this isn't exactly advantageous like it was on the PSP-- most smart phones these days can easily run emulators for old school games, and if you're on android you don't even have to mess with the phone's software first. i'll get a vita to do things my droid x can't.

fluffydelusions2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

True but vita has hardware controls...a big plus in my book. Though with Android you can hook up a controller...

mistajeff2534d ago

That's true, but I don't mess with the emulators enough to want hardware controls, though that's purely my personal gaming tendencies. If you want to turn your vita into the ultimate retro gaming portable, I can see the advantages. Usually the novelty of having those games on my phone is enough, and any alternatives offered through more legitimate channels isn't quite viable (I own Sonic for the genesis, I'm not going to throw down $5 on a service like Steam to play a game I already legally own).

Dante1122534d ago

If it's all just sandboxed in the PSP emulator and it doesn't allow the piracy of Vita games, cool by me.

VINNIEPAZ2534d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

"If it's all just sandboxed in the PSP emulator and it doesn't allow the piracy of Vita games, cool by me."

Wait....what.....? So we can pirate Genesis games but not Vita games? Wow, that makes perfect sense.

EDIT @ "no longer commerically avaible"

Have you ever heard of the internet? You can find just about any you want to get without having to pirate. Especially when a lot of older games like Sonic CD are still being release. Just saying you shouldn't be in between on the subject, stealing is stealing

resistance1002534d ago


I agree to some extent that with piracy the stance should be No games are acceptable to pirate or they all are. (the former being my view)

But when it comes to games no longer commerically avaible it is hard to say that people are impacted by it. (be it developers, publishers etc) So i can understand that side of the arguement

Lelldorianx2534d ago

Console emulators are sort of silly given the ability of phones. I agree with mistajeff...

smashcrashbash2534d ago

No thanks. Sony most likely will create security patches that could eliminate these types of things. I really don't want to go through the same cat and mouse rubbish the hackers and pirates try to play with these companies just to play some Genesis games on my VITA. People don't seem to realize that emulators means that your still stealing. Want to bet Sega doesn't support emulators.

Snookies122534d ago

I don't consider it stealing if I've already bought the games first... I have a Playstation emulator with all my PS1 games on here, because it's easier for me to play on my PC, as well as other emulators.

Some of the games I've bought multiple times, so I should be entitled to play them wherever I choose. It's as simple as that really.

blumatt2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

The problem is though, that even though you're being honest about it and buying the games too, doesn't mean the vast majority of people will.
Most people, given the option, will simply pirate the games ONLY, and won't BUY them at all. In a perfect world, where everyone would be honest and only emulate the games they own, then it would be ok, but we live in a very dishonest world.

Snookies122534d ago

That's very true... I mean, I can see where emulation would be a problem for sure, I just value its convenience and wouldn't want it done out with entirely. I loved the idea of having an emulator on my PSP, but never got the chance to have it because it was such a hassle.

I'm definitely not trying to sound like I'm super honest. I used to pirate games, but I realized how much of an ass move that is, and it's just taking away from the developers. Meaning that with each sale lost, they have less of a chance of continuing an awesome franchise.

My point being, I love emulators, I thank the people who take their time out to work on them, to be able to recreate gaming classics on PC or any other device. However, not everyone uses them illegally... So, it shouldn't be considered wholly a bad thing. ^^

Bundi2534d ago

Security firmware updates for Vita every 3 weeks then?

Arnagrim2534d ago

Hasn't it already been determined that in order to transfer data to the vita through the content manager it will force a firmware update as well as requiring a constant internet connection?
I'm sure someone will hack it eventually, but it doesn't seem like there will be many persistent hacks for a while.