AVerMedia Game Capture HD Review

Andrew says:

"Have you been looking around for hardware to record your gameplay? We know a lot of footage from the top games are always hitting sites like YouTube but at times we’re given okay quality that always had the chance to be better. How would you like to record in 720p up to 1080i with out the need of wires going to your PC? Hopefully that caught your interest since it seems like everything for recording requires you to have a many wires going to a PC."

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nitrogav2480d ago

Still not HDMI input though . Would have ordered one straight away if it had .

Philaroni2480d ago

They can't use HDMI. I use to have the Intensity Pro from Black Magic and I found out that the HDMI signal is encrypted to prevent recording. You can record with HDMI with the right tools but its not cheep. Google around and you will find out why.

Adexus2480d ago

The HDMI on the Intensity Pro isn't encrypted, it just doesn't record from a source that has HDCP such as the PS3 which is why you need to record using Component with it, Intensity Pro works with the 360 fine using HDMI though :)

H2OAcidic2480d ago

Very true! Though that would've been "EPIC" if it had input and output HDMI.

JsonHenry2480d ago

Not sure why anyone wouldn't just use their PC anyway rather than spend the money on this. (not saying the product isn't nice!!)

rajman2480d ago

Because you will need a capture card aswell? also a HD capture card requires a pretty fast PC. The AverMedia capture device doesnt even require a PC

H2OAcidic2480d ago

That is also true! Money for device, more money for the programs, money on high end PC that can handle capture card and programs. I'd rather have something I can record externally more than internally on a PC.

JsonHenry2480d ago

Well, my rig would have no problems. And so would most people with a PC built in the last year or two. Not to mention your PC does a lot more than just record a video/audio stream. And only a fool would pay for capture software. :)

TopDudeMan2480d ago

I wanted to get into livestreaming, but the expense of the equipment is the one thing holding me back.

Blaine2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

I'm a little confused. Says a few times that there's no lag, then says there's up to a second of lag in "normal mode".

I need to know if there will be any delay between what's happening in my console, and what I see on my screen, while I'm recording. I want this to record online mp footage, and having a full second lag would just destroy mp gameplay! How am I supposed to show off my skills if I'm getting pwned because recording is making my image lag?!

svoulis2480d ago

I use this capture device, and there is a slight lag, nothing like a full second though, honestly if you are worried about that, just play a match save it in your vault and record it later, thats what I do sometimes if I have a great match and I didn't decide to record it.

H2OAcidic2480d ago

The device has 2 modes one which has like and gives you full function of remote and has slight delay. The other mode is real time, which only allows the screen shot and video recording.