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Seanoc says: "... I’ve gone for L.A. Noire instead though, and I’ll briefly explain why. At about this time last year, I decided I wanted something different in 2011. Don’t get me wrong, I looked forward to the big sequels and blockbuster action games as much as the next person did; however, I hoped for something more mature and thoughtful. I wanted a game that dares to be different. I wanted the next Heavy Rain, essentially."

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joab7772576d ago

Unlike many of my friends, I loved la Noire. I platinumed it and played all dlc to completion. Like uncharted, its over too quickly. I love story telling and la Noire delivered. The problem, which is also a reason it was so great, is that it teamed up with rockstar, using their engine and produsing a final product that bored many similarities to gta. Unfortunately for most (not me), it wasn't gta or rdr. The open world nature was almost mirage-like & combat didn't exist unless it was scripted. While i was able to understand the reasoning behind the partnership w rockstar, to most it was a let down, a wasted opportunity. But, what do you expect from a gaming community that, if given the choice of only one game to play this year, would overwhelmingly chose modern warfare 3. La Noire definitely isn't my goty. I believe that deus ex, Batman, and even battlefield 3 (multiplayer) are better games (maybe i can't get over the allegations concerning team bondis work environment). Regardless though, skyrim is head and shoulders above every other game released this year. I do agree with your premise though,la Noire was a great game. There are a few aspects that i wished were a little better fleshed out, but overall one of my most memorable experiences of 2011. I believe deus ex deserves mention too because of its bioshock like environment in regards to immersion, great story telling, and a fresh, original step taken in gameplay. Happy new year, and hopefully 2012 is as great as 2011. Its looks as though its off to a smashing start.

Wintersun6162576d ago

A very good read and I agree with the article from beginning to end. I may have considered Uncharted 3 to be my GOTY for 2011, but I bought this game a bit late and this was overall a more enjoyable experience for me. A very welcome change of pace in this action-filled era of video games.

spacedelete2576d ago

Uncharted is very action filled itself -_-

Vortex3D2576d ago

The game has a serious flaw. Even you get all your witnesses/suspects questioning wrong, they will tell you what you need to know anyway at the end of the questioning. If you don't have enough evidence to lock up a suspect, the game will ensure the suspect will run after released and you get him anyway by chasing him down. All the game requires is able to catch those that run and kill those that shoot. Having intelligence in detective work and questioning are completely optional.

If you are too good being a detective and able to figure out and have enough evidence before questioning every one, collect every possible clue and gone to every location, even you are able to solve the case, the game will give you less points because you skipped something. The game doesn't reward you for being too intelligent.

downwardspiral2576d ago

this game was okay, but i didn't like the fact that you can choose any answers during the questioning and all the cases ended up with the same endings. It would have been nice if they branched out the storylines depending on what answers you chose.

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