Brink: The Most Hated Game of 2011?

Brock from GoozerNation takes a look at the hatred Brink has received, and wonders if it deserves it.

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WolfLeBlack2507d ago

It often feels like I'm on my own because I actually enjoyed the game. Do I think it was a great game? No, it had a lot of problems and faults, but I still enjoyed it. I found it rather ironic that people scream about developers never making anything other than sequels, yet when they finally try to make a new franchise everyone complains about it because they didn't get it exactly right in the first game. I believe Brink is a solid foundation to build from and I think it deserves a sequel to try and realise its potential.

I found a lot of its criticism came from people saying that its shooting wasn't as slick as Call of Duty's, but the point is COD has had eight games to get its shooting just right, Brink has not.

The on thing I think needed to be changed was the level designs. I thought they needed to be more open to take advantage of the movement system as there were a lot of chokepoints on the maps and battles would often just turn into two lines shooting at each other and not moving.

maawdawg2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

The meatgrinder level design was rough as was the unplayable state of the online and complete lack of lobbies on console, those were the two major things that really hurt the game for me. I was all over this game for more than a year before release, I really liked it at PAX East in the play time I got then I was really let down by the full game. I am still not convinced they didn't purposely and significantly dumb down the AI between March and the game's release because it seemed way worse.

I would still like to see them take another shot and improve the franchise to what it should have been, I think they had a good idea but just executed poory. I really think the game felt rushed/unfinished but that is hard to accept when I know that they were confident at release and had been sitting with the game "finished" for a good window before that.

The one thing I really hope lives on from Brink and people mimic is the movement system. Playing other FPS games and not having the climbing, sprint, and sliding mechanics Brink had makes them feel way less fluid. With the copying/stealing of game mechanic ideas hopefully other devs see how good that system actually was and take that step forward as well. SMART actually worked in a game that largely missed the mark and should be pulled into other games because it is a vast improvement of the "on rollerscates" movement in other FPS games, as far as I am concerned.

ShoryukenII2506d ago

I was really excited for this game too. The graphics looked amazing and I heard great things about the AI, but then I read the reviews and I was really confused. I heard that bots sneak into multiplayer as well. It is almost as if that the devs took a great idea and purposely ruined it. They even released it a week early and it still turned out like this. I'm not sure about Brink 2 to be honest.

Son_Lee2507d ago

Most hated? Not sure.
Most disappointing? Without question.

BabyTownFrolics2507d ago

came on here to say exactly this

WolfLeBlack2507d ago

That really depends. I didn't go into Brink with massive expecations because I knew it was a brand new franchise, and so I was only slightly let-down by it.

Biggest disapointment to me was Duke Nukem, because the franchise deserved better

insomnium22507d ago

I haven't evem played brink but still agreed. I can't possibly get any worse than it was with DNF.

Kran2507d ago

Most Hated award goes to Duke Nukem.

Most disappointing goes to Dragon Age II.

nathanhale2507d ago

Modern Warfare 3 seems to be the most hated game of 2011 online, but ironically also the best selling game of 2011.

spacedelete2507d ago

thats because there are alot of hypocrites on the internet. " oh CoD same game every year ", " im not buying and supporting what is basically a map pack ", " im done with the cod series " yet they always buy it year in year out.

what is funny is these cod haters are actually making cod even more popular by talking about it all the time.

ShoryukenII2506d ago

I know someone who I told to buy Battlefield 3 a couple of months ago. He said that he would never buy CoD "I don't wanna buy a $60 map pack" he said. So he bought Battlefield 3 but sold it and bought MW3. Now, his comment on PSN is "MW3 sucks" while he is playing it... -.-

Euthanasia782507d ago

It is the same game year in and year out. I bought 8 games this Fall. I did not buy MW2.5. I will never buy another one again.

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