Zelda Fan For Life?

ZD: "Zelda, like so many other series before it, has attracted its own unique brand of fans. Over the years they have created many fan communities, discussed in forums, theorized the mysteries of the timeline, and debated their favorite title. Obviously for some it is not just another fantasy game but a series they have an invested interest in. They can genuinely love the story, the characters, and the world the games take place in. Over time one can grow fond of the series for more than just a game, some people can play Zelda’s Lullaby on an ocarina or even another instrument they own. Others own merchandise or wear shirts showing their love for the series away from home. Some have gone so far as to immortalize their love of the series as tattoos. But is it only a phase?"

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alousow2483d ago

yep. Some nerds are missing brain cells

crxss2483d ago

usually when someone gets a tattoo they at least make sure it looks right. triforce is wrong (needs to be turned to the right)

mike1up2482d ago

Lmao. Didn't even notice that!

ZombieAssassin2483d ago

What's sad is I know someone that has pretty much that same exact tattoo just smaller and on his arm.