Deep Breath, The Sony PS Vita Will Have Huge 2012

The Sony PS Vita has been hit with some very negative news reports over the past few weeks since it launched in Japan. Due to a steep drop in sales during its first week of launch, many have predicted doom for the next-gen Sony handheld. It is time to take a deep breath though everyone, the Sony PS Vita is going to be just fine.

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GribbleGrunger2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

although this is a positive article it amazes me that even this article mentions the drop in sales in the Vitas second week. why is it that the press (even positive press) don't seem to understand the basics of console sales? i just find it really odd that this normal behaviour is poured over in this way. it is how the industry works and has done since it began. there is and was never anything to be drawn on from second week sales. every single console that ever released saw a huge drop in sales in the second week and the Vita is no exception.

even six months isn't long enough to decide but ii would be more inclined to take notice if we began this discussion then and not two weeks into the release of a brand new piece of hardware that isn't even out in all territories yet

Optical_Matrix2533d ago

Well said. On the sales argument, this article crushes all the hate Vita has been getting into a pulp:

smashcrashbash2533d ago

Exactly. This is not a rare occurrence. It seems natural for sales to fall below the original first week sales before it begins to sell better. Sony shipped 500,000 units and sold almost all of them.So I don't know what the running around talking about price cuts and failure at such an early stage .

The VITA still has several months to gain steam and several games still coming up.It hasn't even launch worldwide yet.So before people start with the 'fail parade' that they are so eager to start, just remember that the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP went through the same thing and sold 100 million units, 150 million units, 56 million units and 75 million units respectively.

Mustang300C20122533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Well when everyone here is praising how the first week of sales in Japan was higher than the PS2 back in 05 and then reports that Sony shipped ADDITIONAL units to store for demand only to find out that a full week of sales only mounted to 72,000. Although I do agree this does not mean the Vita is doomed. But, the first week was not what anyone expected. Nobody is wrong with discussing the drop from 2 days on the market vs a full week. No one has this problem when any other device not Sony reacts in similar fashion but yet everyone is somehow just trolling over facts about Sony.


That article also ignores the reports that Sony shipped additional units due to demand which was stated to be around 500,000. So why the difference in what was reported for shipments vs a full week.
So if the Vita follows the same trend as others even thought those consoles sold a full week vs 2 days reporting for Vita, then what happen to the additional shipment?

GribbleGrunger2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

it's just normal sales behaviour. forget 500,000 shipped, this has happened and will always happen with every console released. for some reason this fact is overlooked when it comes to Sony, and as i said, even in positive articles

by the way, the additional shipment was only rumoured. it didn't happen. the media have people by the balls at the moment and the line between fact and fiction has blurred beyond recognition

Vita could well end up a complete flop, but now isn't the time to judge, now is the time to wait, watch and evaluate

Mustang300C20122533d ago

Thank you for responding without the fanboy BS. Much appreciated. Disccusion is actually fun.

Dante1122533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

@ Red

500,000 shipped Vitas was the "official" number from Sony. The extra 200,000 shipment was a rumor started by Mainichi Digital...

"The piece goes on to explain that the author of the article *******heard from various sources related to the matter****** that Sony originally planned an initial shipment of 500,000 units. However, due to pre-order demand, Sony added an additional 200,000 units."


Mustang300C20122533d ago


You need to reread my response and I didn't specify anyone in THIS discussion was responding as a fanboy. That was more for the general public which majority DO respond with fanboy remarks.

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ThePsychoGamer2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Of course, it going to release in the west and will have some very big releases.

MasterCornholio2533d ago

The Vita will be fine. Like all handhelds and consoles in the beginning it won't sell like pancakes but once the price drops and killer apps start to come out it will start to sell extremely well.


Buff10442533d ago

Does this imply the system will sell poorly until a price drop? When would that happen?

death2smoochie2533d ago

The reality is average consumers wont spend $250+ on a dedicated hand held gaming device especially in this economy.
You get the largest initial sales from early adopters and hardcore gamers.

The majority of sales for hand held consoles are from average consumers. That demographics makes or breaks a system.
When the price drops you will see sales rise for the Vita.

We saw the SAME exact situation for the 3DS.
It will play out the very same way for the Vita.

MGRogue20172533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )


AtomicGerbil2533d ago

A positive article for the Vita? Who are you and what have you done with the real N4G?

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