PC gamers, meet PSISHOCK; a space survival horror adventure FPS

DSOGaming writes: "PC gamers, meet PSISHOCK; a first person horror adventure that is focusing on survival, story and immersion. PSISHOCK is developed by Serygala and is powered by the FPSC engine. The game has been in development for sometime and its creator has released today some new screenshots to show off his progress."

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StayStatic2485d ago

Looks cool , "from a single guy" got his work cut out then.

wallis2485d ago

Psi-shock... sounds familiar.

Might I suggest a rename? Because a survival horror set on a space ship with the word "shock" in the name MIGHT... just MIGHT... draw some comparisons with another oh so slightly popular franchise also set on a space ship with survival horror elements blended into an fps.

The_Nameless_One2485d ago

Hello Kitty Island Adventure-shock?

Tanir2485d ago

Naked Barney the Purple Dinosaur -Shock

SilentNegotiator2485d ago

The name reminds me of Psi-Ops, which sucked. And the ending of "shock" sounds like he's trying to capitalize on a certain popular franchise.

Venox20082485d ago

Psi-ops sucked!?!? When? it's a great game that many should play it..

HeavenlySnipes2485d ago

They should call it Space Survival Horror Adventure. It'll sell millions

ATi_Elite2485d ago

Dead System psi space shock!

sounds good to me! good job from the one man team! Put it on Steam and I'll bite!

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Johandevries2485d ago

Everytime I see these kind of messages:

Who the hell cares? Go develop a game yourself

SnakeCQC2485d ago

if i was to it would be unique

xruiner892485d ago

Dead Space is actually a rip off off other Space Survival Horror games.

A-Glorious-Dawn2485d ago

Lol why is it that when a poster criticises a game for being influenced by another, they usually name a game that has just as many influences?

The_Nameless_One2485d ago

I read somewhere that Dead Space started off as System Shock 3 but after Bioshock came out EA scrapped what they worked on and then Visceral Games used the existing technology and made dead Space.

r212485d ago

this was done on the FPSC software? goodness, it looks quite awesome. whats even more impressive is that its done by one person :O

mistajeff2485d ago

pleased to meet you, psishock.

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The story is too old to be commented.