Push Square's PlayStation Predictions For 2012

Push Square pulls out its crystal ball and predicts the year of PlayStation ahead, with bold statements regarding the PlayStation 4, PS3's software line-up, and the continued growth of Sony's Worldwide Studios.

What are your PlayStation predictions for 2012?

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remanutd552575d ago

my predictions :
1. playstation 4 will be announced
2. a sequel to Heavenly Sword will be announced

Ethereal2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Sounds pretty good to me. I feel Sony is going to have another amazing year and top it off with some seriously rumblings of the PS4, oh and price drop would be perfect in the coming months for one last push this year.

MasterCornholio2575d ago

" One of the biggest problems with gamers is their inability to look outside of the black and white, and find the grey sitting in the middle. That kind of mentality attaches a stigma to various products in the industry that don’t necessarily set on fire, but it never takes into account the simple fact that a product can be successful (and thoroughly enjoyable) without beating the competition. PlayStation Vita will probably be that device. As long as it provides an ecosystem strong enough to support great games, then we’ll be satisfied."

This is my mentality with the Vita. I know that it will never outsell the 3DS but that doesn't make it a crappy product. I believe that the Vita is an incredible portable that will provide many great games. Which is the reason why im buying one.


get2sammyb2575d ago

Exactly my point. The PS Vita doesn't need to outsell any other product to be great. As long as it sells well enough to support developers, then the good games will come.

MasterCornholio2575d ago

Sort of like the PS3 and the 360. They both sold a lot less than the Wii yet they have so many good games on them. One could even argue that the PS3 and 360 have a much better library than the Wii even though it sold more than 70 million (or is it 80 now) consoles.

Vita will be just fine even though it will sell less than the 3DS.

Razongunz2575d ago

i stoped caring of what happens..the vita will be allright..lets all enjoy our new year with vita in february the doom of all smartphones in april /silly and then a new revision of the 3ds in one of the other 8 remaining months hah.

BitbyDeath2575d ago

PS4 at E3 will be the highlight for me.