10 Reasons why Modern Warfare 3 confuses me (TPV)

TPV's Jonesy "The Modern Warfare series is a prime example of how the first game is always the best one. Modern Warfare was superior to Modern Warfare 2 and it out shines Modern Warfare 3 by a long way and leaves it sat in a puddle of it’s own urine. Now if you love MW3 more than oxygen I would suggest you stop reading this about now. This isn’t aimed at the perfectly fine Spec Ops mode or the Multiplayer (Although there’s little difference between MW2 and MW3 in that respect.) No this is aimed at the travesty that is the single player, this is aimed at the massive plot holes and things that make no logical sense or it is aimed at the overall bad creative decisions."

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MsclMexican2485d ago

You know what confused me? Apparently this was the most anticipated game of the year......