Pokémon Video Game National Championships 2012 Announced

In exciting news for Pokémon Trainers across Europe, The Pokémon Company International announced the dates for the Pokémon Video Game National Championships, which take place from March 3rd through April 1st, 2012, in five major cities throughout Europe, including Birmingham, United Kingdom; Essen, Germany; Paris, France; Madrid, Spain; and Milan, Italy. Players will compete in three age divisions based on their year of birth.

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TopDudeMan4355d ago

I reckon I'm good enough to compete, but I won't be going down to birmingham any time soon

krontaar4355d ago

It's pokemon, anybody is good enough to compete.

Majin-vegeta4355d ago

You think it's that easy to battle Pokemon especially competitively??Cuz if so i laugh.


Pokemon Black and White Remakes Face a Challenge Unseen in Other Remakes

Pokemon Black and White are next in line for a remake, but they may encounter an issue when accounting for one unique aspect of Gen 5.

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Inverno152d ago

The only issue they'll be encountering is the laziness and incompetence of whatever dev is remaking. Be it GF themselves or the dev behind DP remakes.


Pokémon Black and White Doesn't Need a Remake - It Needs a Port

There isn't enough to improve in Pokémon Black and White to justify remaking it. Instead, Game Freak should make a port of these beloved games.

Antnee534365d ago

They did this with diamond and pearl and those are the worst pokémon games to date because it's worse than the ds counterparts

-Foxtrot365d ago

I'd rather they combine this and the sequel as one game, do it so the post game content is Black and White 2.

While I think B&W 2 were good we should have still gotten Pokemon Grey, some people liked holding on for a more complete beefy package compared to the originals.

365d ago

Top 10 Best Nintendo DS RPGs

Alex DS. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "The little handheld that could was a dream for role-playing game fans, with both major blockbusters and cult-classics making the DS a handheld you always wanted to have in your backpack. "

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