Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer teases possible 2012 release for sequel

Producer David Cox gives a slight tease/hint for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

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aviator1893674d ago

Sweet news! I really enjoyed the first one and that special epic.

KwietStorm_BLM3674d ago

I thought it was the most underrated game of that year

KeiserSosay47883674d ago

I agree. I think because of the comparison to GoW that year, that the game was sort of tossed aside as a copy-cat of other hack 'n' slash games. The amazing soundtrack, and I mean AMAZING, coupled with the voice acting and story made me like the game an awful lot. VERY underrated, imo.

OmegaSlayer3674d ago

Yeah, I loved the game.
The DLC were a bit awkward but the game was brilliant, epic and with a seriously big scope. :)
I only hope they'll not set it in our time.
A game like that with a Character like Alucard would have been too cool!

betan213674d ago

they better make it better this time

Lord_Sloth3674d ago


I want a Castlevania game that's actually part of the Castlevania Continuity! I'm sick of reboots of a franchise that doesn't need a reboot, especially those that try to Westernize a Japanese series! Being Japanese is part of the appeal since they have a different way of telling stories!

Give me another game on Leon, or Simon, or Jonathan, or Trevor!

KwietStorm_BLM3674d ago

How many times can we take essentially the same guy and kill Dracula before it gets stale? I grew up with Castleania, but it's not like the older games had much in the way of story. There's really no place for it. It's always another descendant going to kill Dracula, rinse repeat. The story in Lords of Shadow was brilliant. I'm fine with an old school Castlevania as a digital download, but I think they would be holding themselves back if the same old thing was the big budget version, which I assume is why they brought in Kojima and 'rebooted' the franchise.

Lord_Sloth3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

It doesn't HAVE to be Dracula! Look at Curse of Darkness!

Besides, we already have God of War, we don't need more clones of it and plus we're losing all of our Japanese titles which consist of my favorite games!

I'm sorry but I think LoS was haphazard with it's story, ending with fighting Satan for some stupid reason and you failed your quest ANYWAY!

Keep the Americans out of the Japanese games!

It's almost like the tossed Castlevania on this game just to get the name recognition! Without that and the name Belmont, there's really no way any1 would know this was Castlevania!

Start a new IP or something if they want to! Leave a franchise to it's fans!

RyuCloudStrife3674d ago

OMG I totally forgot about Castlevania:LoS!!!! what a freaking awesome game that was the sequel will be a must buy for me!! This is good news :)

Tdmd3674d ago

The first game wasn't perfect by any means, but it did had an gigantic potential for making THE hack'n'slash of this generation, imo. Fix the camera and we will be almost there already. Ditch that horrendous fixed camera idea and I'd have an personal new favorite! \o/

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