PS Vita: How Does Its Launch Compare With Other PlayStation Products?

"The PlayStation Vita had been welcomed around the globe with a pat on the back after the results of its first two days on the market were released. This took an ugly turn early in its infancy, however, when sales for the following week were released on the internet for analysis by fans and critics alike. This was especially highlighted after the realization that the Vita's predecessor, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) managed to outperform Sony's new system that week, despite its six year old tech. Is this massive criticism justified? Did the Vita really do that bad?"

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resistance1003194d ago

Some interesting sales stats there and kind of shows up those in the media who went overboard with the PSVita sales.

Some more details are needed with those numbers however as you have to take things like stock levels into account, but whos to say the PS Vita's sales haven't been impacted by lower stock levels (such as the more popular Wifi only model being hard to find)

metsgaming3194d ago

something i realized that no one else mentioned. Remember during the launch the 32 gb was sold out everywhere even the 16 gb. Maybe some people are putting the vita off until they can easily get the memory card. Other wise they would have to buy a small stick that they really dont want and then have to buy the big one later on and be left with a small stick they dont want/need.

GribbleGrunger3194d ago

there is no reason. this is just how it always plays out and always will.

MasterCornholio3194d ago

Its a bit too early to be able to tell if the Vita was a success or not. But i believe that given the circumstances the Vita did quite well in Japan. After all they sold around 80-90% of their stock at launch which is quite good given that they had 500,000 units to sell. However even though the launch line up is very good it doesn't have any killer must have titles for the Japanese. Hopefully in February the Vita will do much better in the West despite it getting released past the holidays (like the 3DS lol)

Karum3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

good article and very interesting, there's definitely a trend there with 2nd week sales dropping off from 1st week sales pretty damn heavily including every Playstation console and even the Wii and 3DS.

I'd lso be interested to see how the likes of the DS etc. performed in it's first to weeks to see if the trend in this article continues.

Either way, the Vita has sold almost half a million units in 2 weeks, that really isn't anything to be sniffed at whatsoever, for any console.

SuperbVillain3194d ago

If they want this thing to seel they are going to have to advertise on TV.Being in the U.S. I don't think i've seen any type of promotion for the Vita,anywhere outside of the internet

Tony-A3194d ago

I began wondering the same thing, but I realized that they probably aren't going to spend the money advertising in the US as early as I first thought. They'll probably just wait until later this month to start throwing out their ad campaign in The States.

SuperbVillain3194d ago

yeah Sony likes being late on ads for some reason. If they would have pushed this heavier it would have seen better sales FOR SURE. I plan to buy one either way,but ill wait til around the middle of the year to do so.

zoks3103194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Logic wins all the time. Great article and great read. If you go by history the vita's second week drop is in line with all of Sony's PlayStation products in terms of percentage, they all dropped about 76% on average.

I never knew the PS2 had such a drop from its opening week, and it went on to be the best selling home console ever.
Did i mention how great this article was?

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The story is too old to be commented.