Tomb Raider Underworld Media Soon

Eidos has signed an exclusive deal with with a U.S. based Xbox 360 print magazine to unveil Tomb Raider Underworld at the end of December. An online PR campaign will mobilise in January 2008, with Tomb Raider Chronicles launching a microsite, preview and fact sheet for Underworld.

The game is being developed by Crystal Dynamics and will release in 2008 for PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows. The story centres on the Mayan calendar and the brief time frame where portals between the mortal realm and the Underworld dissolve.

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MK_Red4988d ago

It would be cool to see Lara meet Raziel in underworld :)

SabreMan4987d ago

indeed the Legasy of Kain series is one of my favourite franchises i just hope they are working on another Legasy of Kain/Soul Reaver game

Gamingisfornerds4987d ago

I could do with a bit more platform/puzzle games. There's just not enough going on in that genre, imo.

Baba19064987d ago

i cant wait. im a Tomb raider fan im outing myself. the last one, anniversary was really great. i hope they dont go back to the angel of darkness tombraider style.

[email protected]4987d ago

Just continue the story of Legend and everything will be just fine.

Ureval4987d ago

Im looking forward to this. Legend had some great ideas, mixed with some weak points. Anniversary really recaptured the greatness of part 1, and it added up to a hefty game. With what they have learned with those two games plus having a true current gen engine this may be the one to give new legs to a reviving franchise.