Old school gamers will "freak out" over next Game Informer cover reveal

Game Informer provides new hint about upcoming cover reveal.

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omi25p2487d ago

Please not another Reboot.

blaaah2486d ago

Hopefully a new 2D Castlevania.. maybe a new Final Fight? Or a new Contra game??

Oh man... the old skool gamer in me is bursting with anticipation!

EeJLP-2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Yeay for non-News making it all the way to #3 on the front page!

Here's what you need to know about this bit of 'news':
"Do you folks have any guesses?
Game Informer’s next cover reveal will be shared on January 5."

New Game Informer magazine, no info about it, just some random speculation. News is that there will be news in 4 days. Wow.

Angrymorgan2486d ago

What disagrees?? Everyone likes low g man........ Or maybe just me!

dedicatedtogamers2486d ago

The last two "old-school" reveals were X-COM turning into a generic shooter and Syndicate turning into a generic shooter.

Right now, old-school gamers will feel lukcy if they don't shake their head in dismay.

Deputydon2486d ago

Chrono Break!!!

I mean, come on, square has to have a reason for still shutting down all the chrono trigger mods people make. Crimson Echos being the latest one, they were in the middle of something special and square knew it.

da_2pacalypse2486d ago

I'll take a battlefront 3 :)

reddeadite2486d ago

With Zachary Quinto playing the role of the eponymous hero

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Lyr1c2486d ago

I say it's Contra.

A reboot was teased at TGS and since then, we've heard nothing.

ATi_Elite2486d ago

Contra: Old School Warfare 2

Same 8 bit graphics!! same 8 bit gameplay!!! just a new number after the title!!! Boooom!

coming soon to COD Elite near you!

your Game Buddy,
Bobby Kotick

SwampCroc2486d ago

Hard Corps Rising... released this year by Konami on PSN and Xbox Live...

pretty much an hyper-speed version of Contra..

it's going to be something from a company we haven't seen in years most likely.

Jazz41082486d ago

I would love to see a new Zork game. Last I knew infocom and activision have the rights to it.

Why o why2486d ago

wow. return to zork. after watching playthroughs like 13 plus years after playing it I saw just how crap I actually was. Strange quirky game

SpaceFox2486d ago

Final Fantasy 7 remake...

No jk I wish :(

Capt-FuzzyPants2486d ago

I mean thats the only thing that comes to mind. So what else could it be?

Gamer19822486d ago

Isnt it obvious really? Its Treasure Island Dizzy in HD!

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BattleTorn2486d ago

216+ different customizable paddles, 25+ skill perks, and rally-streaks.

TenSteps2486d ago

Who cares about customizable paddles, I'll buy it for the deep and engrossing story of love and redemption.

cyguration2486d ago

Man, you fail.

Pong FPS: Modern Paddles confirmed, son.

kevnb2486d ago

but somehow it will be dumbed down from the original.

MAJ0R2486d ago

for some reason I felt the need to give all you guys an agree and bubble up :D

FlareDReborn2486d ago

Nope Battletoads 2: Requiem Confirmed.

Soldierone2486d ago

Yeah Activision got rights to it also, so expect yearly DLC released as full games :P

(no its not a shot at COD, look at all their franchises they do it to them all lol)

MrBeatdown2486d ago

My money is on Paddlefield or Ball of Duty.

J5Feedback2486d ago

@MrBeatdown (slow claps)

NarooN2486d ago

I LOL'd so hard at Modern Paddles and Paddlefield.

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ZippyZapper2486d ago

ET HD and Pac Man HD remake for $60 and $20 for an online pass.

Happy New year everyone, and I mean everyone

JetLifer2486d ago

I swear i was gunna say ET remake lmao

Studio-YaMi2486d ago

And a Happy new year to you too Zippy

t0mmyb0y2486d ago

Never speak of ET the game ever again. Turrible, just turrible

ATi_Elite2486d ago

It's a Pong MMOrpg/rts/fps that can be switched to third person on the fly to use a cover system.

1000 vs. 1000 on any battlefield and full scale destruction using the Frostbite 2!

Rumor was it was secretly developed by Bioware Respawn Blizzard and Bungie

coolbeans2487d ago

I'm curious to see the cover just to know what GameInformer's definition of "old school gamers" really means.

ThatArtGuy2486d ago

Probably the original Halo.

thereapersson2486d ago

That is the point. Many gamers these days wouldn't know the difference.

Pozzle2486d ago

"Halo is not old school."

I've heard people refer to the PS2 and Xbox era as "retro". Makes me feel old :(

DasBunker2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Snes/Genesis and below are old school IMO. next gen N64/PSone will join them, but theyre not there yet.

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erathaol2486d ago

Me too. Like if its going to be 5th Generation, that isn't really that old. If its 1st or 2nd generation, than 'DAMN!'.

TenSteps2486d ago

Custer's Revenge for modern consoles?

wingman32x2486d ago

I am, too. I made my dream picks, but my "old school" may be too old lol.

ThichQuangDuck2486d ago

Rampage ? I would love a fully destrible monster brawl game

Oschino19072486d ago

They have already confirmed a remake, could be it for all we know.

ginsunuva2486d ago

It's Chinese Checkers. Games don't get much older-school than that.

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golsilva2487d ago

starwars battlefront 3 or half life 3

MattyG2486d ago

I hope it's either one of these, but Half-Life preferably. I can't see Valve not revealing something at a big gaming expo though.

DigitalRaptor2486d ago

Exactly the two I thought of. Could be either since both have been rumoured recently.

I think it's Battlefront III though.

aPerson2486d ago

^ To be fair, Half Life 3 is always being rumored. :P

Getowned2486d ago

LOL I wouldn't call those games old school but I do hope it's one of those.

I don't know what I want more SWBF3 or HL3.

this is funny talking about star wars I just finished reading Eair to the empire(takes place 5 years after return of the jedi),every one told me how awesome these books were but I was always like meh and now I'm a fan and just ordered 2 next two books off of amazon for 1.70 ea + shipping,not to bad at all.All I can say is they need to make movies based on the thrawn trilogy it's pure gold.ok screw it I want SWBF3..Star wars 4 Life!!!

GodHandDee2487d ago

worst 'hint' ever. I don't think one can even properly speculate anything with this