Top 5 PS3 Games for Kids | Bag of Games

Bag Of Games has put together a list of Top 5 PS3 Games for Kids that are Rated E for Everyone. In addition, they are games that everyone can enjoy!

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DanShadow272576d ago

As a parent, I would've liked to see some kind of screenshots in your list to help decide which games I should purchase, but as a gamer I already own most of those titles.

Also I would've liked to see more ups and downs on each game. But hey, any list that supports Sonic & SEGA all-stars is okay in my book.

MkaY2576d ago

Screenshots are a good idea! I'll add them soon.

brish2576d ago

Ratchet and Clank should be in the list.

MkaY2576d ago

They should be in the E10+ list. This list includes only Rated E titles. E10+ list WOULD include Ratchet & Clank since they're... well the best in that series!