World of Tanks New Year's video reveals future games?

"Happy New Year everybody! Well, maybe not just yet, but we are getting closer. When watching the World of Tanks video, published just moments ago, together with their New Year's wishes, at the end of the video you can see three "symbols", one of them the well know World of Tanks "Grey Steel". The two other symbols, one blue with a "wing like" symbol, the other green with an anchor, look like the symbols of possible future games that could be working on. The snow globe present in the video shows three types of vehicles: a tank, a plane and a battleship."

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C_Menz3351d ago

I guess this blogger is clueless. of Tank makers) already announced World of Warplanes and War of Battleships which are the two other symbols...

Sigh, if only people researched before making an article.