Origin's 2 Day New Year's Sale- Save 50% off Select Titles All Platforms

Origin launches it's New Year's Sale for 2 days only offering 50% off select titles on all platforms.

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BrutallyBlunt3498d ago

I added Battlefield 3 and it still comes up at $59.99. I tried both physical and digital for the PC.

Trunkz Jr3497d ago

They fail to tell you the deal is for BF3 on MOBILE DEVICES.

Newsman3497d ago

I have added the official Origin sale line-up to the article. I have also contacted them.

Rageanitus3498d ago

I am avoiding Origin like the plague unless it is a game that is manditory to download from this service. Reasons.

1) limited downloads (not like steam unlimted)
2) no way to backup the games and transfer to another computer like steam, hence forcing you to download the game if you choose to do so on another computer.

hellvaguy3498d ago

Star Wars: The Old Republic makes u use Origins if you want a digital copy.

Rageanitus3498d ago

good thing its not my type of game ;)

ExitToExisT3498d ago

hoping for a $5 back to karkand :D

2pacalypsenow3497d ago

I would never buy another game for this crap origin i paid $1 for saints row 3 and the quality is crap looks like a 240p video from youtube

2pacalypsenow3497d ago

whooops never mind my last comment i mean onlive and it wont let me edit