Is Ubisoft the best publisher on the planet right now?

Simply put, is Ubisoft the best publisher on the planet right now or the one to be most excited for? Before you call shenanigans take a look.

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NYC_Gamer2482d ago

i believe EA is the better publisher/they release a better variety of games.

coolbeans2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

I'm not disagreeing with the variety of games part; however, I find no possible way EA should even be considered a "good" when they're the main proponents behind Online Passes, Nickel and Diming schemes to casual games (like Tetris), Bad PR to EXPIRED Online Pass Codes, shutting down dozens of their servers almost every year, and the list goes on and on. Fans should be outraged at their initial support for SOPA (their stance has changed since then) as well.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2482d ago

Ubisoft is doing the same thing like online passes now. So you really can't down EA if Ubisoft is doing the same thing.
And Sadly i think we will be seeing a lot more of this crap.

Led-Zeppelin2482d ago

And not to mention horrible online servers and shovelware, plus DLC whores with games like Dragon age and Mass Effect.

Best publishers right now are Take-Two, Nintendo, Activision, and say what you want but Square Enix too.

coolbeans2482d ago


That logic doesn't really work. While Ubisoft is doing the same online pass ordeal, it's because EA was the first to show it was something they could exploit and they have shareholders to please. It would be the same if PSN and Ninty's online services had subscription like XBL. Blame would be constantly thrown at MS because of discovering a new avenue to make more money.

Persistantthug2482d ago

Like EA or not for their practices,

It's hard to live without an EA published game.

coolbeans2482d ago

Which is why I said "I'm not disagreeing with the variety of games part;..."

What I'm speculating is quality of a publisher shouldn't be so narrowly focused on the games. Can't we argue that "most ethical" should go into this determination as well?

gaffyh2482d ago

I wouldn't judge them on future releases, you need to judge them on past releases if anything.

Darkfocus2482d ago

Ubisoft is 10 times worse than EA. their pretty much the worst publisher out there with their always online DRM on nearly every game.I would never even consider purchasing one of their products.

BattleAxe2482d ago

I think the best publisher is currently SCEA.

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Zha1tan2482d ago

" EA is the better publisher/they release a better variety of games"

Then run them into the ground with horrible support and terrible proprietary services.

ATi_Elite2482d ago

No Way! Not even close!!Love or Hate them but EA is dominating.

1. EA
2. Activision/Blizzard
3. Rockstar Games
4. Steamworks
5. Nintendo
6. Sony
7. Ubisoft
8. NCSoft
9. Nexon
10. THQ

Quickly thinking this is the order that comes to mind. For those who may not know NCSoft and Nexon publish so many GLOBAL MMO's such as Vindictus, Dragon Nest, and the God AWESOME Guild Wars 2!

dazreah2482d ago

Im sorry agree with most but Ubisoft is above Sony.

cyguration2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Ubisoft really hates PC gamers...and it's hard for me to say they publish good games when they blatantly make it known that one of my beloved platforms is hated in their eyesight. I put THQ above Ubisoft, at least they don't DRM us to death and they at least don't smacktalk to their potential consumers

EDIT: I also think Rockstar is above Acti/EA just because they aren't evil like the other two.

Silly gameAr2482d ago


Reason? If that's your opinion cool, but why would that be a fact in your opinion?

Silly gameAr2482d ago

You make some good points Rememberthe357

Plus, I like Ubisoft's Uplay rewards system. That's how all trophies and achievements should be imo. That puts them up on my list.

NeloAnjelo2481d ago

Activision? Yeah Right! Your list is already void.

Panthers2481d ago

He said Activision/Blizzard. They have more than one game on the market, and Blizzard is synonymous with quality. I agree with EA as well since they own Bioware now. And SWTOR is AMAZING. All I am playing right now.

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RememberThe3572482d ago

I'd say:

1. Take-Two(Rockstar, 2K)

2. Ubisoft (they're not perfect but they understand the importance of quality)

3. Sony (PSN pass drops them on my list, but I've loved every game they've put out for years, except for Socom)

4. EA (They seem to at least be trying to court the hardcore and more niche crowds and I can respect that. Plus, they have DICE)

5. Microsoft (they have fallen from my grace with their Kinect push they have been pretty consistent in my eyes)

6. Nintendo (They never seem to let their franchises falter and even though I've love to see new IPs from them they make quality games)

7. Square-Enix (Deus Ex was dope lol)

8. Konami (Metal Gear, and thats about it)

9. Sega (Platinum has been delivering some good stuff for them, everything else is "eh" at best)

10. THQ (In their search for a flagship franchise they have ruined Red Faction and gave us Homefront, but they also gave us Darksiders, and Warhammer)

hazardman2482d ago

I'd say thats a pretty good list. I also like that you mentioned MS. I wish they would concentrate more on games like Sony, cause when it comes to pushing a product noone does it better! Regardless I have to go with my top 5 as;
1. EA
2. Ubisoft
3. Sony
4. Take-Two
5. Nintendo

I put EA and Ubisoft over Sony cause they cater to a wider audience, but Sony in my humble unbiased opinion is the best right now. They publish hit after hit. Anyway, people Happy New Year and Game Strong!! lol

Brownghost2482d ago

Having good games doesn't make you a good publisher

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bunt-custardly2482d ago

Don't know about best publisher, although I am really looking forward to getting my hand on the new Rainbow Six game. I am wondering if Ubi will integrate Kinect voice and/or gesture commands, similar to how the old Xbox worked rather well with such voice commands with a headset.

RaidensRising2482d ago

Not sure who I would say is THE best as that's a tough call. Ubisoft are up there with the best of them in terms of the game series they have published except the crap Kinect games.

3GenGames2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

All of them suck with DLC and not finishing completed games 90% of the time, and even if they are making you buy extras that if included would cost 75% less. I'd rather pay $75 with no DLC than $60 and know DLC is coming at a later date, because it's so overpriced and blown out of proportion.