Rumor Bust: No Transformers on Blu-ray in U.K.

After some searching the rumor has proven to be a human error.

In post #34, and others, a fan of Blu-ray took the case up to the counter only to find a confused employee and no trace of a Blu-ray version available , even to order.

What may have confused them is the animated version of Transformers: The Movie which IS released in Blu-ray format.

Not a single U.K. website lists the movie in Blu-ray(including the store in question).

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Sam Fisher3968d ago

u must really not like Vip3r to post this down or u must not like bluray... that was prob the fastest rumour bust ive ever seen..... (-_-)

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

When it comes to discounting the deluded rantings of Sony fanatics. The truth can't come quick enough.

Enjoy Rob Schneider in 1080p fanboys.

aslucher3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

i am a huge blu-ray supporter, just needed to look into the rumor to see if its true. i would love this to happen but i hate it when i am mislead on something. i only support blu-ray and have a ps3 for it. but i also love to see an answer to any rumor in question ASAP!

@Krazy Ken Kutaragi
actually i would promise you this, the second the Hd-Dvd contract is finished with Paramount and Dreamworks they will switch to Blu-ray. They got free money? A hell of alot more than anyone else in the same situation. I also firmly believe that Waner bros. will switch to Blu-ray after this Christmas.

superman3968d ago

That was fast. I was hoping it was true.

Eamon3968d ago

I hate buying games from Woolworths as they never have enough in stock and are so unorganised.

whoelse3968d ago

Thought it was too good to be true. Seeing as its only advertised on HD DVD and DVD.

broken_saint3163968d ago

woolworths puts all there hd dvd in blu ray covers they done it for evan almighty just look at the back of the cover of transformers its saids u need a hd dvd player for it to work just open u eyes next time by the way i buy blu ray

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