5 Biggest Disappointments of 2011

Erik picks his five biggest gaming disappointments of 2011. Get your pitchforks and torches at the ready!

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pc_masterrace3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

where's UC3 in that list?

pc_masterrace3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

only talking about SP... MP UC3 >UC2

Yi-Long3495d ago

... but for me, my biggest disappointment (gamingwise) in 2012, was LittleBigPlanet 2.

Yeah, it's better looking, and you can do more, and tyou can create more, and all that...

... but just somehow, I didn't get that magic the first game had. I didn't care as much for this soundtrack. I didn't care for the story or the characters you come across. It all just felt a bit 'bland' and thrown together, which is weird cause they tried very hard to improve the story with voices and camera-angles and such.

I just wasn't enjoying myself with the SP as much as I did with the first game. And that meant that collecting items became a chore instead of fun and challenging, thus I also hardly touched the Create side of the game. Sadly.

Battlefield 3 was a bit of a let-down as well. The SP was just plain bad, and too many of the standard MP-maps were disappointing to me. I am a Battlefield fan and I love the series and I actually do really like Battlefield 3, but just because of the handfull of GOOD maps, and there just aren't enough of those.

I'm glad I got the excellent B2K mappack for free with my LE, or else I might have been so disappointed with the game that I would have stopped playing it.

aPerson3495d ago

@ pc_masterrace

lol at the 8 disagrees. Some people here have no sense of humor...

Silly gameAr3495d ago


Aren't jokes supposed to be funny?

guitarded773495d ago

Biggest disappointment of 2011 == Erik Norris's face

...and Duke Nukem Forever :(

aPerson3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

@Silly gameAr

The author of the article listed some games that weren't very disappointing and that's where his "where's UC3 in that list?" joke came from. (For the simple minded folks out there, he wasn't attacking Uncharted!! You can rest easy now...)

It's too bad certain posters here feel the need to be offended by everything. Sucks to be you guys!

Biggest3495d ago

Says the guy that is offended by disagrees. Sucks to be you?

BattleAxe3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I totally agree with Killzone 3 being in that list. I had super high hopes for that game, and while the graphics were awesome, everything else including bare minimum amount of online content and the crappy storyline was a huge disappointment. So much so that i traded it in only two months after I bought it.

This article really could have done a top 10 of most disappointing games this year by also including Socom 4 and Resistance 3 in the list. People who have been fans of both of these series from the beginning know exactly what I am talking about, while noobs and fanboys just don't have a clue. I'm willing to give ZIPPER one more chance with another home console release, but even though I don't care about what they do on the PS Vita, I gotta say that Unit 13 is looking really weak.

The only games this year that didn't disappoint in my opinion were Uncharted 3, Portal 2 and Mass Effect 2(PS3). I haven't played Infamous 2 yet, but it looks like a game that I would like.

Drake1173495d ago

Agree with Skyward Sword, it was a complete step backwards or sideways lol.

da_2pacalypse3495d ago

I'll agree with that list. although, where is Brink and DA2?

Why o why3495d ago

Battle axe, i kinda get your point about killzone but not resistance. I was suprised with how they fixed or how much they reverted back to the original on that. I cant make a comment on socom as i was never a fan

gcolley3495d ago

i would definitely put DA2 on the list... and Duke Nukem

hakis863495d ago

I like Killzone 3, and btw it was nominated for best mulitplayer at GT.
Not game of the year but definately not a disappointment for me.

And if you look as sales figures KZ3 has sold more than NFS The Run.

Perjoss3495d ago Show
Why o why3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )


Still wearing goggles i see. Ive seen 360 fans defending crackdown 2 and two human and even kinect games that are duds... stop talking out of ur ***. All sides defend the Take em off

Trebius3495d ago Show
user8586213494d ago

125 disagrees lmfao! sony fans on this site went all out this time

Dee_913494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

@aPerson ....
I dont think thats what he meant
as you can see with his second comment.
It wasnt meant to be a joke. And even it was the type of joke your claiming it to be it wasnt a funny joke.
If he dont like UC3 I dont care. But with all the great reviews the game got .. it doesnt make sense to be on that list with him saying that as if its a no brainer that UC3 shouldve been on the list.

You are wrong on all aspects of your argument.

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darthv723495d ago

I personally felt it wasnt as good as 2. I dont know if the visual appeal had worn off because I know KZ2 blew me away first time playing it. There are so many things they improved on in 3 but somehow it just didnt feel complete.

It felt shorter but then again it could also be that i took my time with kz2 and when 3 came out i just played right through it. I wouldnt call 3 a disappointment in any way. It just felt detached from part 2 which a sequel usually shouldnt feel like.

I liked that they left it open for a part 4 so perhaps the way 3 turned out was deliberate. Leaving the best for last so to speak.

RememberThe3573495d ago

I agree there was something off about KZ3. I actually really liked it. But the smaller player count in the online and the disjointed, crappy story telling in the single player kind of killed it for me. They have great plot lines in those games but they have the hardest time really presenting it to the player.

forevercloud30003495d ago

I know how you feel. After taking the time to reflect, KZ3 did feel rushed to market to me. It seems like they spent more time trying to create a "roller coaster" like eperience with the 3D then telling a well focused story for the SP. MP was great but I am bigger on story. Not to mention the Final Boss fight was a horrible follow up to the epic battle we had with Radec in the first game. I beat the game sitting there just wondering "really? what that IT?". KZ series needs a new story/script writer big time. I really don't see how the series took such a dive after the first game's story. At least Visari kept it very interesting.
So far I think the series has wasted some perfectly set up plot points. Like Sev and Rico being stranded on enemy planet. I never felt like they were just fighting to survive on the planet nor did the story ever delve into the fact that "Helghast had to put up with that planet for decades and now ISA gets to see what they went through".

And for god's sake, why do they continue to just make the helghast sound evil just for the sake of it instead of revealing their humanity that drove them to the state they are in? The Helghast were wronged pretty bad, but someone playing the last 2 games would barely know that. I would really hope KZ4 allows you to play both sides like what was originally thought about 3.

-Alpha3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Almost every single aspect that made K2 so uniquewas simplified or removed. They apparently had to rebuild part of the engine because of a complication they had in K2, so I assume this is why they didn't have the time. I really wish it got pushed back a good 3 months.

K2, in absolutely every respect, was better.

colonel1793495d ago

The author nailed it with what he wrote about what was disappointing. I would like to add another thing though: COD-like controls. For me was the biggest disappointment. Developers shouldn't agree to change their game's identity because of some fanboys complaining. I know COD is a huge franchise, and everyone wants a piece, but trying to copy is the wrong direction.

SoapShoes3495d ago

I don't get some of the comments here... KZ2 had a poor story and was one of the main criticisms. KZ3's story wasn't good but it wasn't worse than KZ2's.

As far as gameplay goes, I liked KZ3 better. More variety in environments, stealth, slide to cover, brutal melee, etc.

JBaby3433495d ago

I agree KZ3 was a letdown compared to KZ2. The change in controls with the lightening of environments and visual changes just made it lose that ominous, intimidating feel KZ2 had. KZ3 was just too bright and pretty. It wasn't gritty anymore. The story was also worse. I missed Visari and Radec and the overall flow the second had. KZ3 just wasn't as engaging.

-Alpha3495d ago


Story was thin in K2, but it had great characters in Radec and Visari.
K3's tried way too hard.

In terms of gameplay, the variety in K3 was underwhelming compared to the pure, raw, visceral thrill of Killzone 2.

XxPURExX3495d ago

The MP in KZ3 was a big disappointment compared to KZ2

NeloAnjelo3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

This is a sentiment felt by many Killzone fans. Not just with the campaign but also the multiplayer.

KZ2's multiplayer wasn't just unique, it was hard to master. Strong recoil, slow reload speeds, realistic running speeds with a heavy feel to every weapon, which all handled and felt completley different. Player movement when turning, firing, and crouching was also very realistic.

Players didn't rely on dot sights, weapon upgrades, perks and killstreaks to dominate the game. Instead everything was earned. From Objective points to getting on top of leader boards. There was no auto aim, or quick scoping to get cheap and quick kills. Instead the reliance was on strafing left to right and keeping your aim tight and steady... Much more rewarding than anything else out there... IMO.

Team work was key, and winning meant all classes had to play their role. Snipers had to take out other snipers, Engineers had to repair ammo boxes, etc. All for the team.

The game only had three issues. The spawn points would get camped. I think this was an easy fix as the game could detect this and dissolve any such points, or make it so they can only be thrown in certain areas (or cannot be thrown in certain areas, like the enemies' spawn)

Base spawn camping which again any good Tact can get out of. Also, base bots should always be industrctible.
Lastly, assault troopers annoyed everyone. But again a good player can take them down with ease.

KZ3 however has fixed spawns to capture leading to even more camping. Snipers now run in the open with machine guns, smaller player counts, smaller maps, perks, and scoping became the new standard... its been CODerised... and had lost everything that's unique about it.
The campaign and story were also far less entertaining, and it was too easy (on normal)

A shame really.
I've logged over 800 hrs on KZ2, and just 150hrs on KZ3. I still play KZ2 sometimes and its still great.

What makes a player better is his/her skill with the rifle, and the ability to get out of tricky situations. Not the bombs that drop or some gun attachement or upgrades to aiming, relaoding or running speeds.

BABY-JEDI3495d ago

KZ2 online was immense. Then GG stripped out everything good on the MP (stats, spawn grenades, skill Ect ) & replaced it with COD wannabe noobness
: (

ShoryukenII3495d ago

Killzone 2 was a betrayal. They injected CoD style gameplay into a gritty, realistic and mature game (multiplayer). Instead of getting 1 or 2 points per kill, we get 100 or 150. That change was pointless and the fact that GG took the time to make it shows that they really wanted the CoD crowd.

The game was really rushed. Look at how long it took them to develop Killzone 2. They had as much time as they wanted and it really paid off. They only had 2 years with Killzone 3 and you can tell. Their menus aren't even finished. It's ridiculous. They even reduced the player count from 32 to 24. I know 32 players was a clusterf*** but that was Killzone 2 and it was unique to that game.

The saddest part is that they ruined clans. That was the best thing about Killzone 2. They took out server browsers in favour of matchmaking and they refused to make Operations DLC. Operations was the best thing about Killzone 3. I actually enjoyed it but GG chose to make the extremely CoD like (16 players, TDM, random spawns) Guerilla Warfare DLC instead. Let's hope they know what they did here and never do it again on the PS4 with Killzone 4.

forevercloud30003494d ago

Almost forgot about that...
KZ2 had some epic MP innovations that were stripped from KZ3. Espeacially the Spawn Grenades. WTF GG?!?! They were the best advancement of FPS genre in my opinion. Tactitian was my favorite job class. I thought KZ3 was going a step in the right direction but then i realized now its like any other shooter :/. After I platinum KZ3's story I will be trading it in towards R3 which I have personally always been a tad more invested in that story but the fact Hale is no longer the main character turns me off a bit(hated capeli in 2).

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StayStatic3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I saw the Title , then saw the Pic , then felt lots of Heat.


StraightPath3495d ago

you cant really take this list seriously after seeing skyward sword on it.

kikizoo3494d ago

...and more than that, killzone 3, one of the best fps sp campaign, with best fps graphisms on console (and mp, with patch is great, better than any other fps, except kz2 perhaps : for deathmatch, only killzone rewards good players)

just a ridiculous blog lying for hits, like most of them.

beastgamer3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

1. Duke Nukem
2. Need For Speed The Run
3. Socom 4
4. Homefront 2
5. Dragon Age 2

I was thinking about resistance 3, but that was a disappointment in sales

SwampCroc3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

you must be talking about Homefront.... because there isn't a Homefront 2.... and if there was it would have been released like 5 months after the original Homefront according to your list...

Homefront came out in like March or something...

so yeah Homefront 2 doesn't exist..... yet

dukegodtezza3495d ago

frontlines was an awesome game homefront stinks

NeloAnjelo3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

There was no Homefront 2. What planet are you on?

1) Duke Nukem
2) Socom 4
3) Metroid: Other M
4) Killzone 3
5) Dragon Age 2

And I am BIG KZ fan so it hurts putting it on the list.

NeloAnjelo3495d ago

Resistance was a good game that didn't sell well.

Homefront was a bad game that sold okay.



schlanz3495d ago

Dragon Age 2
Dead Island
LA Noire

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chriski3333495d ago

where's modern warfare 3!!! biggest fail ever

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DonaldBeck3495d ago

the legend of zelda skyward sword?!! and killzone 3....

G T F O.




3495d ago Replies(1)
WhiteLightning3495d ago

He has a point with Zelda....least he had the balls to say it in a reasonable manner.

I played it and I'll be honest, it was hard for me to get past the motion control, yes it's good but the option to play with a controler would of been nice...oh and it just felt empty COMPARED to the last Zelda games. The same old "go fetch me this Link" quests in between dungeons is one of my problems, if a game like Skyrim was like that it wouldn't be getting those 9/10, 10/10 scores thats for sure.

Zechs343495d ago

I'll say it too... Skyrim, while great, is essentially one giant fetch quest.

I didn't enjoy it anymore or any less than Zelda.

Just my 2 cents.


BitbyDeath3495d ago

@Zechs34, i think the dragons alone are enough to keep Skyrim off the list.

Also any game can sound repetitive when you say it like that.

Eg. Insert "Shooter" game, all you do is shoot people. Bla

WhiteLightning3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I don't think every single quest in Skyrim, all 300 hours of gameplay is "go fetch me this quests". Theres loads of variety with the quests and the skill trees, unique weapons, unqiue armor, misc quests and side quests are enough to keep your interest.

As I said above if Skyrim did exactly what Zelda did then Skyrim wouldn't be getting good scores. Because it's Zelda it gets a free pass, people are letting hype and nostalgia is what clouds peoples judgment while reviewing Zelda games. The next Zelda that comes out will be the "best" and people will list all the problems with this game and won't think very much of it....kind of like how hype cosumed all of us when GTA4 came out, then 8-10 months later most of us can agree it lacked what other GTA games had

Biggest3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

You're giving Skyrim too much credit while discrediting Zelda. There are not many unique anythings in Skyrim. There are WAY too many fetch quests. Play the full game and tell me how many "Go here and kill a guy" or "Go here and get me a thing from a guy you have to kill" or "Come with me to kill a guy" quests there are. It's damn near every quest. You can get an unlimited amount of quests from Jarls or their helpers. How many are "Kill the dragon" or "Kill the bandit leader"? Every single quest. I'll give you the skill tree thing. You can branch out and be who you want to be. It's too bad that your name is "Hey you" and no one knows you or cares who you are. At least Link found a way to be silent and known. I'm not going to say that Zelda games aren't repetitive, but no one can say that Skyrim doesn't suffer from the same flaws. I know one that that Zelda doesn't suffer with. Bugs. Crashes. Developmental flaws. Zelda deserves higher scores than Skyrim because of that alone.

Edit: Also. . . This argument sounds like:

I hate McDonald's! All they have is burgers and crap. I hate McDonald's and all those burgers. You NEED to eat at a real restaurant like Burger King. They have fries and soda and all kinds of variety!

Pozzle3495d ago

I loved Skyward Sword, but I gotta admit it would have been nice to have the option to play without motion controls on...or at least be given the choice to pay with different controllers. I had to buy a new Motion Plus controller (because my old one broke) and it was frustrating having to spend so much on a new game AND a controller just so I could play it. I know that motion controls add a lot of immersion to the game, but at least give me the option to play without them if I want. If it's a lesser experience, then so what? Sometimes I just want to be lazy and press buttons. :P

MsclMexican3495d ago

Yeah... Skyrim gets repetitive after a while....

I think some people have noticed this about the game and it really annoyed me, but the guild quests were all essentially the same.. just different characters.

I mean here is the gist of it

1) Join guild as a rookie
2) Uncover secret or power
3) Try to learn more about secret
4) Guild leader is killed
5) Go and avenge guild leader
6) Become guild leader
7) Gain new power
8) Repeat

I mean it happened in every guild quest but the civil war quest...

I mean come on....

Also dragons become annoying after a while.... hell I only bother to fight them if the epic skyrim main theme is playing

As for Zelda never bothered finishing it because Im more of a 2d zelda fan (spirit tracks, minish cap, 4 swords) I don't know but I can't enjoy the 3d zelda's no matter how hard I try... honestly the only 3d Zelda game I loved was Wind Waker...

Its weird, because I did not enjoy Ocarina as much as the other kids back in the N64 days .... I was the outcast :(

krazykombatant3495d ago

People feel that because it has dragons skyrim deserves a pass. They criticize Zelda for having fetch quest, but the ones in skyrim don't count.

I wish there were more options for the player, I wish i could destroy the Thieves Guild and clean up Riften. But nope. No one knows me in the bloody game, I'm just the stranger who everyone wants to stab/be the victim of a spell. Its a great game, but it certainly has its faults.

mynameisEvil3495d ago

You weren't the only one who didn't like Ocarina.

Hell, you wanna talk about being an outcast? I can honestly say that I've tried many times to like every Zelda game and out of all of them, the NES original is the only one I like. No, not even Link to the Past.

Even out of the Mario games, the only ones I liked were the original, Super Mario World, and Sunshine.

Talk about being an outcast...

yesmynameissumo3495d ago

I really enjoyed KZ3 and the Move implementation was top notch. To each his/her own.

mastershredder3495d ago

Yeah, I liked KZ3 much more than KZ2. I felt it made up for all the things I did not like about KZ2. I have played through KZ3 on every difficulty and then some. I could not get get through a second playthrough of KZ2, it just does not pull me in. I'd opt to play KZ1 over KZ2 anytime. Can't stand the crappy lighting and dark mugginess in that game.

To be fair though, the sharpshooter helped take KZ to a new level.

TheGameFoxJTV3495d ago

Mad that Alice is on this list, loving the mes out of this game.