Gametrailers: Best Multiplayer 2011

Gametrailers: Take a break from logging those online hours to honor the best of 2011 in the GameTrailers Game of the Year Award for Best Multiplayer Game!

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Hufandpuf3396d ago

This is a game that had ZERO hype at E3, won no awards at Gamescon, and had the most disliked game video on youtube. People are HYPOCRITES.

Crazyglues3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

OMG! This really is the end of the world.. Call of Dooty MW3 is Multi-player of the year... LOL

Now I"ve seen every thing.. You might want to get under your desk, because the sky is falling..

Best Multi-player - you gotta be kidding Me! -


cyguration3396d ago

Wow....just wow....

There's a similar exploit in A.V.A. since it's basically the Korean version of CoD.

Oh well, all those noobs will just go back to playing once Black Ops 2 launches on November 9th, 2012...still getting spawn killed like noobs.

GraveLord3396d ago

There's a difference between clicking "dislike" on a Youtube video and actually going out, buying the game and playing it for hours and hours.

Yeah MW3 had little hype, that's why it didn't disappoint.

LackTrue4K3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

And im not here to hate on MW3, just wish they fixed things that i already saw on the last too!!! "what i do hate, most of the kill streaks are wack!"

DonaldBeck3396d ago

i vote for battlefield 3 and killzone 3.

cyguration3396d ago

Best multiplayer or easiest to sleepwalk through and win?

I didn't know accessibility is now considred "best" during this generation of gaming.

Pikajew3396d ago

Portal 2 has the best multi player

T3AMRR3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Omg Who cares about this Bs Game !!!

Ah i know the kids , ok not Bad it´s Christmas
and the fathers only have money for the game, not
for one new Pc,BF3 needs a good Pc ! but if you have
no money an old Pc or That kind of think your talk " Consoles " there´s always Cod Games to play at 60 Fps . LOL Who cares about Beauty ? Fps more important ? Lol

Sorry Cod is cheaper !!! But for me only for little kids !! Bye

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The story is too old to be commented.