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Trendy Gamers: Based on what I played in Shadows of the Damned, I think Suda 51 and everyone at Grasshopper Manufacture really love Resident Evil 5. So much so that they decided to make Shadows of the Damned, a third person, over the shoulder shooter. While it does feel like a clone, it goes so far over the top with its content that it makes it an easy recommendation for fans of Resident Evil 5.

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zeal0us4175d ago

Weird even after all the poor sales figures and crappy it still got a 30-40 price tag. I been trying to find this game for $15-$20 or less and can't seem to find it for that low.

TrendyGamers4175d ago

I just checked everywhere and you're right, it isn't cheaper than $30 anywhere. That's really weird.

guitarded774175d ago

EA had it on their online store for Black Friday for $20... regular price should get there soon.

christheredhead4175d ago

They have it for 27 dollars with shipping on glyde. Other than that you might have to wait a tiny bit longer to hit that range.

TrendyGamers4175d ago

That really is bad. Maybe it'll drop in the new year.

Gambit074175d ago

Amazon has it at $23 right now.

TrendyGamers4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

Not bad. Thanks!

Spenok4175d ago

Just make sure when you buy it buy it new. Support the developers. This game was awesome. I would personally give it an 8.5.

Solid graphics, gameplay, and story. With competent voice acting and an interesting (and funny) script.

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Venoxn4g4175d ago

great game, I wish that more and more gamers would play it..

Kyosuke_Sanada4175d ago

One of my favourite games this year....if Garcia and Johnson's chemistry together doesn't capture your heart than the music surely will.....