It's Next Gen, But Not As We Know It

Here we sit with the so called next generation of gaming, but what really has it brought us that we didn't have before?

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Phil Harrison5853d ago

This article raises a good point, however, I'd say all the negativity is fueled by things being uncovered on the Internet.

However, I'd say Xbox 360 is the most logical step up on generational terms. PS3 is trying to pack too much, Wii too little. It's an upgrade, but that's what makes it safe. I'd rather have a secure technology then things like PS3's browser that can be hacked to high heaven.

pRo loGic II5853d ago (Edited 5853d ago )

I don't know what this guy's asking for but video games are video games and theres only so much you can do with the limited resources of EARTH!. lol The future is the 360's and now PS3's social gaming, although surfing the net on the PS3 is kind of stupid unless you are single and don't have room-mates or a wife and kids.I'll be suprized if those motion sensing controllers last one generation.(Ya! the Wii's too). Microsofts Xbox 360 with the vision on bringing the Arcade to the living room on a planetary scope is the future, I don't know what they have in plan but i know this; it's only the begining.

NextGenJay5853d ago

i don't even give the motion controllers a year before the gimmick runs dry. it seems like it would be fun at first...but after a couple hours, i can see it getting old fast. everyone will want to try it...but the fun will wear thin real fast in my opinion. i believe microsoft made all the right moves to be the leader in this next generation of gaming. And all they have thun over the last 9 months is only the appetizer.

minikikers5853d ago

I'm sorry, but I just can't agree with anyone who writes off the new controllers so fast. Admittedly, I can't see many developers taking full advantage of the PS3 controller's motion sensing abilities, but then it strikes me as a rushed feature. The wii design is more single minded, and that's why I think it will be successful. The only things that ever bring me back to arcades was the different controls, especially light guns. I know that these are available for consoles, but the thought of a fully realised motion sensing controller will sustain that feeling of interacting in the game world more than fancier graphics ever could.

NextGen24Gamer5853d ago

I understand your excitement over the Wii controller. And I think its neat. But its not new tech buddy. Microsoft created a motion sensing controller many years ago and it was cool at first...but I agree with the people who say it the fun of the so called "new' concept in gaming will wear off quickly. But I do understand your excitement. You'll see what we are talking about a few months after the "Newness" wears off and you realize you are playing an enhanced Game Cube.

Gh0stDrag0n5853d ago (Edited 5853d ago )

I think the GameCube is great, and I'm sure the Wii will be great also. Stop the hate buddy, you can enjoy more than one console.

pRo loGic II5853d ago

I think a person would have to be in a special mood to play games that were a workout. I ran 3 miles after work yesterday and fired up the 360 to play Saints Row and it was too much and i turned it off and it's a standard method of playing. Now try to picture millions of consumers same that have simular live styles. It looks silly (all you're friends better be drunk or hardcore gamers). No fat game-troll is going to exercise(will be buying games with out this feature).PS3's pad is not enough [lame rip off from the Wii](no kids dogs girl friends NO BEER can be near you) Wii's pads (well the Glove comes to mind and like i said before Japanese wemen and very young kids will prolong the death of this console).

TheXgamerLive5853d ago (Edited 5853d ago )

I think if sony and nintendo were smart, they'd offer (or another 3rd party developer) a standard connection controller to alternatively use for playing the games. As I see it, most gamers and I do mean most will "NOT" want to play a majority of there new next gen. titles using any type of swinging in the air motion controller, it's just not going to be the norm, not now anyway's.

I do think if MS is smart they'll not dwell into the motion controller side of things unless it could be done w/a standard XBOX 360 controller and you still have the option of motion or standard w/rumble. I'd most alway's opt for the standard w/rumble myself.

XBOX 360 is miles ahead of all as we speak, due to many area's but mostly I wanna say that it's XBOX LIVE that has truly pushed gaming into the 21st century.

This is of course just my opinion. My fiancee likes the pretty colors in Kameo, that's her definition of 21st century next gen, lol.

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