The Absolute Best Box Art Of 2011

Critical Hit!: "We’ve covered the worst box art of the year, now it’s time to look at the best. An effective videogame cover does two things: it stand out on a shelf next to other box art, and it in gets across the general tone or concept of the game. The following covers are ones that I think accomplished this in the most stylish and eye-pleasing way."

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Nitrowolf22546d ago

freak'n love Resistance 3 Dual Cover

JohnApocalypse2546d ago

My favorite cover this year even though it probably has the most simple art

NeXXXuS2546d ago

No idea why the Skyrim box art is on there. It's a very pretty and fun game but I would've used another box art.

JellyJelly2546d ago


and this:

Would be on my list besides Rage and L.A. Noir.

JohnApocalypse2546d ago

I have that copy of Arkham City. Kinda annoyed I got the one with Two Face on it because he's barely in the game

CaptainMarvelQ82546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Everyone has his own opinion but I have personally found all the box arts in the article mediocre.

What I like is something that is simple,artistic,but gives you the main idea about the game,or uses the most symbolic figure that appears throughout the game.Things like Portal ,Resistance,Gears of War 1.Or something creative like Borderlands.

imo they are more appealing than slapping a render or a name on the cover and calling it a day.

digitaleraser2546d ago

So you completely missed the mention of Resistance 3 in the article?

CaptainMarvelQ82546d ago

Whoops! missed the "Could have been" section.But my point still stands

synchroscheme2546d ago

I love the UK and Japanese versions of the Dark Souls box art. The North American version pales in comparison in my opinion.

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